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Tools, like weapons, define a character's development. Equipping a tool allows access to the abilities of a certain job class of the Disciples of the Hand and Disciples of the Land Disciplines.

Tools come in two varieties - primary and secondary.

Like weapons, while some tools can be purchased from vendors, most are obtained through crafting or via drops from various Quests and Battles. Also like weapons, tools have a condition value which degrades over time, but can be replenished through repairs.

Disciple of the Hand Tools[edit]

Alchemist Icon 1.png Alchemist Primary Tools
Alchemist Secondary Tools
Armorer Icon 1.png Armorer Primary Tools
Armorer Secondary Tools
Blacksmith Icon 1.png Blacksmith Primary Tools
Blacksmith Secondary Tools
Carpenter Icon 1.png Carpenter Primary Tools
Carpenter Secondary Tools
Culinarian Icon 1.png Culinarian Primary Tools
Culinarian Secondary Tools
Goldsmith Icon 1.png Goldsmith Primary Tools
Goldsmith Secondary Tools
Leatherworker Icon 1.png Leatherworker Primary Tools
Leatherworker Secondary Tools
Weaver Icon 1.png Weaver Primary Tools
Weaver Secondary Tools

Disciple of the Land Tools[edit]

Botanist Icon 1.png Botanist Primary Tools
Botanist Secondary Tools
Fisher Icon 1.png Fisher Primary Tools
Fisher Secondary Tools
Miner Icon 1.png Miner Primary Tools
Miner Secondary Tools

Relic Tools[edit]

Skysteel Tools Splendorous Tools


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