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Cooking Stove Icon.pngCooking Stove  Tools icon.png
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An on-estate crafting facility for culinarians. Temporarily increases maximum CP for culinarians level 50 or below.
※Private chambers, cottages, houses, and mansions can hold 2, 4, 6, and 8 facilities, respectively.
Item Level 90
Statistics & Bonuses:
Repairs, Recycle & Style:
Sells for Gil Icon.png x 717
Noconverticon.png Nodyeicon.png Nocresticon.png Noprojectableicon.png Desynthesizableicon.png Nostorableicon.png Nocollectableicon.png
Model-Cooking Stove.png
Acquisition Uses
Divider5.png Divider5.png
Blacksmith Icon 5.png
Potential Results:
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