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Main Command 3 Icon.pngDamage  (DMG)
A visible base stat on all weapons and a bonus on some equipment that increases damage of attacks.

There exist several types of damage in FFXIV. Each monster has their own weakness and strength against one type or multiple making it important to choose your attack accordingly.

Physical Damage Type

  • Blunt : Mainly used by Hand to Hand and Disciple of Magic weapons but can also be found on Great Axes, Pole Arms.
  • Slashing : Mainly used by Swords and Great Axes but can also be found on Pole Arms.
  • Piercing : Mainly used by Pole Arms but can also be found on Swords.
  • Projectile : Mainly used by Bows.

Elemental Damage Type

  • Note: These used to appear on Disciple of Magic weapons as their weapon damage type, but all of these weapons are now Blunt instead.
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Earth