Information provided is based on an in-development build of FFXIV: Endwalker and content in the final version is subject to change!
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Trait Acquired Effect
Fourfold Fantasy Icon.png
Fourfold Fantasy
Dancer Icon 3.png Lv. 30 Grants a Fourfold Feather upon landing certain actions.

Maximum Stacks: 4

Increased Action Damage Icon.png
Increased Action Damage
Dancer Icon 3.png Lv. 50 Increases base action damage by 10%.
Increased Action Damage II Icon.png
Increased Action Damage II
Dancer Icon 3.png Lv. 60 Increases base action damage by 20%.
Enhanced En Avant Icon.png
Enhanced En Avant
Dancer Icon 3.png Lv. 68 Allows the accumulation of charges for consecutive uses of En Avant.
Maximum Charges: 2
Esprit Icon.png
Dancer Icon 3.png Lv. 76 Grants Esprit to self and nearby party members upon successfully executing Standard Finish or Technical Finish. The Esprit Gauge will accumulate when you or party members under the effect of Esprit land a weaponskill or cast a spell.
Enhanced En Avant II Icon.png
Enhanced En Avant II
Dancer Icon 3.png Lv. 78 Allows a third charge of En Avant.
Enhanced Technical Finish Icon.png
Enhanced Technical Finish
Dancer Icon 3.png Lv. 82 Grants Flourishing Finish after executing Technical Finish.
Duration: 30s
Enhanced Esprit Icon.png
Enhanced Esprit
Dancer Icon 3.png Lv. 84 Increases Esprit Gauge by 10 upon successfully landing Reverse Cascade, Fountainfall, Rising Windmill, or Bloodshower.
Enhanced Flourish Icon.png
Enhanced Flourish
Dancer Icon 3.png Lv. 86 Grants Fourfold Fan Dance upon executing Flourish.
Duration: 30s
Enhanced Shield Samba Icon.png
Enhanced Shield Samba
Dancer Icon 3.png Lv. 88 Reduces Shield Samba recast time to 90 seconds.
Enhanced Devilment Icon.png
Enhanced Devilment
Dancer Icon 3.png Lv. 90 Grants Flourishing Starfall upon executing Devilment.
Duration: 30s