Deltascape V2.0

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Raidicon.pngDeltascape V2.0
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Deltascape V2.0.png
You have triumphed in your maiden encounter within the Deltascape, but there are more tests to come, each bound to be more trying than the last. According to Nero's analysis, your next opponent is capable of manipulating gravity, and by way of a countermeasure, he sends you off with one of his curious contraptions: an anti-gravity gimbal.

Requirements: For eight players (2 tanks, 2 healers, 4 DPS)
※The above composition requirement is not imposed upon preformed parties.
Class: Disciples of War or Magic
Avg. Item Level: 295
Restrictions: Awards Obtainable: Weekly
Undersized Parties Not Allowed

Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
2 2 4
Type: Raid
Zone: Rhalgr's Reach
Region: Gyr Abania
Minimum Level: 70
Synced Level: 70
Min iLvl: 295
Unlock Quest: A Catastrophe Waiting
Duty Finder: Raids (Stormblood)
Duty Roulette: Normal Raids
Expansion: Stormblood
Patch: Patch 4.01
Allagan Tomestone of Goetia Icon.png
Allagan Tomestone of Phantasmagoria Icon.png

  1. Defeat Catastrophe: 0/1

Information Needed

Deltascape Bolt Icon.png Deltascape Lens Icon.png Deltascape Pedal Icon.png Omega Squared Orchestrion Roll Icon.png

Drop Table (4)
Item Type iLvl Requirements Stats
 Omega Squared Orchestrion Roll Icon.png  
Omega Squared Orchestrion Roll
Gold chest icon.png
 Orchestrion Roll  &00000000000000010000001 Music roll for Omega Squared. Use to add to your orchestrion list.

 Deltascape Bolt Icon.png  
Deltascape Bolt
Gold chest icon.png
 Miscellany  &0000000000000320000000320 A uniquely crafted bolt discovered in the Deltascape.
One bolt can be traded for a special accessory.

 Deltascape Lens Icon.png  
Deltascape Lens
Gold chest icon.png
 Miscellany  &0000000000000320000000320 A uniquely crafted lens discovered in the Deltascape.
Two lenses can be traded for special headgear.

 Deltascape Pedal Icon.png  
Deltascape Pedal
Gold chest icon.png
 Miscellany  &0000000000000320000000320 A uniquely crafted pedal discovered in the Deltascape.
Two pedals can be traded for special foot gear.