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|[[File:Blue Mage Icon 5.png]]
|[[File:Blue Mage Icon 5.png]]
|[[Gunbreaker]] (GNB)
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|<!-- [[File:Gunbreaker Icon 2.png|40px]] -->
|[[File:Gunbreaker Icon 4.png]]
|[[File:Gunbreaker Icon 4.png]]

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There are a lot of icons in FFXIV. While over time they become recognizable, it is not always readily apparent what they represent. This dictionary aims to "define" the more common icons seen in the game. This is not a comprehensive or exhaustive list, so please do not take it as such.

Classes & Jobs

Disciple of War/Magic Class Icons

Class Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 3 (Small) Set 4 Set 5 Set 6 Set 7 Set 9 Set 10 Set 10 (Large)
Archer (ARC) Archer Icon 2.png Archer Icon 4.png Archer Icon 3.png Archer Icon 3.5.png Archer Icon 1.png Archer Icon 7.png Archer Icon 6.png Archer Icon 5.png Archer Icon 8.png Archer Icon 10.png Archer Icon 10.5.png
Gladiator (GLA) Gladiator Icon 2.png Gladiator Icon 4.png Gladiator Icon 3.png Gladiator Icon 3.5.png Gladiator Icon 1.png Gladiator Icon 7.png Gladiator Icon 6.png Gladiator Icon 5.png Gladiator Icon 8.png Gladiator Icon 10.png Gladiator Icon 10.5.png
Lancer (LNC) Lancer Icon 2.png Lancer Icon 4.png Lancer Icon 3.png Lancer Icon 3.5.png Lancer Icon 1.png Lancer Icon 7.png Lancer Icon 6.png Lancer Icon 5.png Lancer Icon 8.png Lancer Icon 10.png Lancer Icon 10.5.png
Marauder (MRD) Marauder Icon 2.png Marauder Icon 4.png Marauder Icon 3.png Marauder Icon 3.5.png Marauder Icon 1.png Marauder Icon 7.png Marauder Icon 6.png Marauder Icon 5.png Marauder Icon 8.png Marauder Icon 10.png Marauder Icon 10.5.png
Pugilist (PGL) Pugilist Icon 2.png Pugilist Icon 4.png Pugilist Icon 3.png Pugilist Icon 3.5.png Pugilist Icon 1.png Pugilist Icon 7.png Pugilist Icon 6.png Pugilist Icon 5.png Pugilist Icon 8.png Pugilist Icon 10.png Pugilist Icon 10.5.png
Arcanist (ACN) Arcanist Icon 2.png Arcanist Icon 4.png Arcanist Icon 3.png Arcanist Icon 3.5.png Arcanist Icon 1.png Arcanist Icon 7.png Arcanist Icon 6.png Arcanist Icon 5.png Arcanist Icon 8.png Arcanist Icon 10.png Arcanist Icon 10.5.png
Conjurer (CNJ) Conjurer Icon 2.png Conjurer Icon 4.png Conjurer Icon 3.png Conjurer Icon 3.5.png Conjurer Icon 1.png Conjurer Icon 7.png Conjurer Icon 6.png Conjurer Icon 5.png Conjurer Icon 8.png Conjurer Icon 10.png Conjurer Icon 10.5.png
Thaumaturge (THM) Thaumaturge Icon 2.png Thaumaturge Icon 4.png Thaumaturge Icon 3.png Thaumaturge Icon 3.5.png Thaumaturge Icon 1.png Thaumaturge Icon 7.png Thaumaturge Icon 6.png Thaumaturge Icon 5.png Thaumaturge Icon 8.png Thaumaturge Icon 10.png Thaumaturge Icon 10.5.png
Rogue (ROG) Rogue Icon 4.png Rogue Icon 3.png Rogue Icon 3.5.png Rogue Icon 1.png Rogue Icon 7.png Rogue Icon 6.png Rogue Icon 5.png Rogue Icon 8.png Rogue Icon 10.png Rogue Icon 10.5.png

Disciple of War/Magic Job Icons

Job Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 3 (Small) Set 4 Set 5 Set 9 Set 10 Set 10 (Large) Set 11 (AH)
Bard (BRD) Bard Icon 2.png Bard Icon 4.png Bard Icon 3.png Bard Icon 3.5.png Bard Icon 1.png Bard Icon 7.png Bard Icon 8.png Bard Icon 10.png Bard Icon 10.5.png
Dragoon (DRG) Dragoon Icon 2.png Dragoon Icon 4.png Dragoon Icon 3.png Dragoon Icon 3.5.png Dragoon Icon 1.png Dragoon Icon 7.png Dragoon Icon 8.png Dragoon Icon 10.png Dragoon Icon 10.5.png
Monk (MNK) Monk Icon 2.png Monk Icon 4.png Monk Icon 3.png Monk Icon 3.5.png Monk Icon 1.png Monk Icon 7.png Monk Icon 8.png Monk Icon 10.png Monk Icon 10.5.png
Paladin (PLD) Paladin Icon 2.png Paladin Icon 4.png Paladin Icon 3.png Paladin Icon 3.5.png Paladin Icon 1.png Paladin Icon 7.png Paladin Icon 8.png Paladin Icon 10.png Paladin Icon 10.5.png
Warrior (WAR) Warrior Icon 2.png Warrior Icon 4.png Warrior Icon 3.png Warrior Icon 3.5.png Warrior Icon 1.png Warrior Icon 7.png Warrior Icon 8.png Warrior Icon 10.png Warrior Icon 10.5.png
Black Mage (BLM) Black Mage Icon 2.png Black Mage Icon 4.png Black Mage Icon 3.png Black Mage Icon 3.5.png Black Mage Icon 1.png Black Mage Icon 7.png Black Mage Icon 8.png Black Mage Icon 10.png Black Mage Icon 10.5.png
White Mage (WHM) White Mage Icon 2.png White Mage Icon 4.png White Mage Icon 3.png White Mage Icon 3.5.png White Mage Icon 1.png White Mage Icon 7.png White Mage Icon 8.png White Mage Icon 10.png White Mage Icon 10.5.png
Scholar (SCH) Scholar Icon 4.png Scholar Icon 3.png Scholar Icon 3.5.png Scholar Icon 1.png Scholar Icon 7.png Scholar Icon 8.png Scholar Icon 10.png Scholar Icon 10.5.png
Summoner (SMN) Summoner Icon 4.png Summoner Icon 3.png Summoner Icon 3.5.png Summoner Icon 1.png Summoner Icon 7.png Summoner Icon 8.png Summoner Icon 10.png Summoner Icon 10.5.png
Ninja (NIN) Ninja Icon 4.png Ninja Icon 3.png Ninja Icon 3.5.png Ninja Icon 1.png Ninja Icon 7.png Ninja Icon 8.png Ninja Icon 10.png Ninja Icon 10.5.png
Astrologian (AST) Astrologian Icon 4.png Astrologian Icon 3.png Astrologian Icon 3.5.png Astrologian Icon 1.png Astrologian Icon 7.png Astrologian Icon 8.png Astrologian Icon 10.png Astrologian Icon 10.5.png Astrologian Icon 5.png
Dark Knight (DRK) Dark Knight Icon 4.png Dark Knight Icon 3.png Dark Knight Icon 3.5.png Dark Knight Icon 1.png Dark Knight Icon 7.png Dark Knight Icon 8.png Dark Knight Icon 10.png Dark Knight Icon 10.5.png Dark Knight Icon 5.png
Machinist (MCH) Machinist Icon 4.png Machinist Icon 3.png Machinist Icon 3.5.png Machinist Icon 1.png Machinist Icon 7.png Machinist Icon 8.png Machinist Icon 10.png Machinist Icon 10.5.png Machinist Icon 5.png
Red Mage (RDM) Red Mage Icon 4.png Red Mage Icon 3.png Red Mage Icon 3.5.png Red Mage Icon 1.png Red Mage Icon 7.png Red Mage Icon 8.png Red Mage Icon 10.png Red Mage Icon 10.5.png Red Mage Icon 5.png
Samurai (SAM) Samurai Icon 4.png Samurai Icon 3.png Samurai Icon 3.5.png Samurai Icon 1.png Samurai Icon 7.png Samurai Icon 8.png Samurai Icon 10.png Samurai Icon 10.5.png Samurai Icon 5.png
Blue Mage (BLU) Blue Mage Icon 4.png Blue Mage Icon 3.png Blue Mage Icon 3.5.png Blue Mage Icon 1.png Blue Mage Icon 7.png Blue Mage Icon 8.png Blue Mage Icon 10.png Blue Mage Icon 10.5.png Blue Mage Icon 5.png
Gunbreaker (GNB) Gunbreaker Icon 4.png Gunbreaker Icon 3.png Gunbreaker Icon 3.5.png Gunbreaker Icon 1.png Gunbreaker Icon 7.png Gunbreaker Icon 8.png Gunbreaker Icon 10.png Gunbreaker Icon 10.5.png Gunbreaker Icon 5.png
Dancer (DNC) Dancer Icon 4.png Dancer Icon 3.png Dancer Icon 3.5.png Dancer Icon 1.png Dancer Icon 7.png Dancer Icon 8.png Dancer Icon 10.png Dancer Icon 10.5.png Dancer Icon 5.png

Disciple of Land/Hand Class Icons

Class Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Set 6 Set 7 Set 8 Set 9 Set 10 Set 10 (Large)
Alchemist (ALC) Alchemist Icon 2.png Alchemist Icon 4.png Alchemist Icon 3.png Alchemist Icon 1.png Alchemist Icon 8.png Alchemist Icon 7.png Alchemist Icon 6.png Alchemist Icon 5.png Alchemist Icon 9.png Alchemist Icon 10.png Alchemist Icon 10.5.png
Armorer (ARM) Armorer Icon 2.png Armorer Icon 4.png Armorer Icon 3.png Armorer Icon 1.png Armorer Icon 8.png Armorer Icon 7.png Armorer Icon 6.png Armorer Icon 5.png Armorer Icon 9.png Armorer Icon 10.png Armorer Icon 10.5.png
Blacksmith (BSM) Blacksmith Icon 2.png Blacksmith Icon 4.png Blacksmith Icon 3.png Blacksmith Icon 1.png Blacksmith Icon 8.png Blacksmith Icon 7.png Blacksmith Icon 6.png Blacksmith Icon 5.png Blacksmith Icon 9.png Blacksmith Icon 10.png Blacksmith Icon 10.5.png
Carpenter (CRP) Carpenter Icon 2.png Carpenter Icon 4.png Carpenter Icon 3.png Carpenter Icon 1.png Carpenter Icon 8.png Carpenter Icon 7.png Carpenter Icon 6.png Carpenter Icon 5.png Carpenter Icon 9.png Carpenter Icon 10.png Carpenter Icon 10.5.png
Culinarian (CUL) Culinarian Icon 2.png Culinarian Icon 4.png Culinarian Icon 3.png Culinarian Icon 1.png Culinarian Icon 8.png Culinarian Icon 7.png Culinarian Icon 6.png Culinarian Icon 5.png Culinarian Icon 9.png Culinarian Icon 10.png Culinarian Icon 10.5.png
Goldsmith (GSM) Goldsmith Icon 2.png Goldsmith Icon 4.png Goldsmith Icon 3.png Goldsmith Icon 1.png Goldsmith Icon 8.png Goldsmith Icon 7.png Goldsmith Icon 6.png Goldsmith Icon 5.png Goldsmith Icon 9.png Goldsmith Icon 10.png Goldsmith Icon 10.5.png
Leatherworker (LTW) Leatherworker Icon 2.png Leatherworker Icon 4.png Leatherworker Icon 3.png Leatherworker Icon 1.png Leatherworker Icon 8.png Leatherworker Icon 7.png Leatherworker Icon 6.png Leatherworker Icon 5.png Leatherworker Icon 9.png Leatherworker Icon 10.png Leatherworker Icon 10.5.png
Weaver (WVR) Weaver Icon 2.png Weaver Icon 4.png Weaver Icon 3.png Weaver Icon 1.png Weaver Icon 8.png Weaver Icon 7.png Weaver Icon 6.png Weaver Icon 5.png Weaver Icon 9.png Weaver Icon 10.png Weaver Icon 10.5.png
Botanist (BTN) Botanist Icon 2.png Botanist Icon 4.png Botanist Icon 3.png Botanist Icon 1.png Botanist Icon 8.png Botanist Icon 7.png Botanist Icon 6.png Botanist Icon 5.png Botanist Icon 9.png Botanist Icon 10.png Botanist Icon 10.5.png
Fisher (FSH) Fisher Icon 2.png Fisher Icon 4.png Fisher Icon 3.png Fisher Icon 1.png Fisher Icon 8.png Fisher Icon 7.png Fisher Icon 6.png Fisher Icon 5.png Fisher Icon 9.png Fisher Icon 10.png Fisher Icon 10.5.png
Miner (MIN) Miner Icon 2.png Miner Icon 4.png Miner Icon 3.png Miner Icon 1.png Miner Icon 8.png Miner Icon 7.png Miner Icon 6.png Miner Icon 5.png Miner Icon 9.png Miner Icon 10.png Miner Icon 10.5.png

Role Icons

Tank Healer Melee DPS Physical Ranged DPS Magical Ranged DPS Disciples of the Hand Disciples of the Land
Role Tank 1.png Role Healer 1.png Role Melee DPS 1.png Role Physical Ranged DPS 1.png Role Magical Ranged DPS 1.png Role Disciples of the Hand 1.png Role Disciples of the Land 1.png
Tank Icon 1.png Healer Icon 1.png Melee DPS Icon 1.png Physical Ranged DPS Icon 1.png Magic Ranged DPS Icon 1.png

Pet Icons

Pet Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Chocobo Chocobo Icon 3.png Chocobo Icon 7.png Chocobo Icon 6.png
Avatar Avatar Icon 3.png Avatar Icon 7.png


Quest Types

   Mob15 Icon.png Main Scenario quests tell the main, continuing story, related to A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. It is a relatively linear storyline. See Main Scenario Quest for details.
   Mob14 Icon.png Sidequests are quests undertaken for various NPCs around Eorzea, and are, by definition, not part of the Main Scenario quests. They are often single quests, but in certain instances there is a short (generally less than 5) quest progression. Some sidequests have class or job requirements in addition to the always present level requirement. They generally require battle disciplines to complete. See Sidequests for more information.
   Mob16 Icon.png Levequests (sometimes called Guildleves) are repeatable quests issued by the Adventurers' Guild or a Grand Company, meaning they are all acquired through a limited number of NPCs. Only a certain number can be completed at one time, and additional allotments are replenished over time. Levequests are issued to not only battle classes, but also to crafters and gatherers. See Levequest for more information.
   Mob17 Icon.png Guildhests are a limited series of group quests, often intended to focus on certain skills or techniques. They can be accessed via the duty finder.
   Mob19 Icon.png These "Lorequest" icons are found in the files of the game, but are not yet used.
   Mob20 Icon.png These icons are not necessarily related to quests, but are rather related to the Hall of the Novice, which uses a quest/duty-like system.
   Mob21 Icon.png These icons indicate that a new feature (such as new job/class ability, new Duty, etc...) will be rewarded upon completion.

Quest Icons

Main Side Leve Guild Lore Novice Feature Description
Mainquest1 Icon.png Sidequest1 Icon.png Levequest1 Icon.png Guildhest1 Icon.png Lorequest1 Icon.png Novicequest1 Icon.png Featurequest1 Icon.png This means that the quest is available to begin.
Mainquest2 Icon.png Sidequest2 Icon.png Levequest2 Icon.png Guildhest2 Icon.png Lorequest2 Icon.png Novicequest2 Icon.png Featurequest2 Icon.png Represents a repeatable quest.
Mainquest3 Icon.png Sidequest3 Icon.png Levequest3 Icon.png Guildhest3 Icon.png Lorequest3 Icon.png Novicequest3 Icon.png Featurequest3 Icon.png This represents a continuation of a quest already in progress.
Mainquest4 Icon.png Sidequest4 Icon.png Levequest4 Icon.png Guildhest4 Icon.png Lorequest4 Icon.png Novicequest4 Icon.png Featurequest4 Icon.png This means that a quest is available to be completed.
Mainquest5 Icon.png Sidequest5 Icon.png Levequest5 Icon.png Guildhest5 Icon.png Lorequest5 Icon.png Novicequest5 Icon.png Featurequest5 Icon.png This means that a quest is locked and unavailable to begin. Typically seen when you are in the wrong class/job or insufficient level.
Mainquest6 Icon.png Sidequest6 Icon.png Levequest6 Icon.png Guildhest6 Icon.png Lorequest6 Icon.png Novicequest6 Icon.png Featurequest6 Icon.png Represent a repeatable, but locked quest. Typically seen when you not have not waited the requisite amount of time for the quest to become available.
Mainquest7 Icon.png Sidequest7 Icon.png Levequest7 Icon.png Guildhest7 Icon.png Lorequest7 Icon.png Novicequest7 Icon.png Featurequest7 Icon.png This represents a continuation of a quest already in progress, but the step is locked. Typically seen when you are in the wrong class/job or insufficient level, or when a certain gear is required.
Mainquest8 Icon.png Sidequest8 Icon.png Levequest8 Icon.png Guildhest8 Icon.png Lorequest8 Icon.png Novicequest8 Icon.png Featurequest8 Icon.png This means that a quest is available to be completed, but locked. Typically seen when you are in the wrong class/job or insufficient level, or when a certain gear is required.

Secondary Quest Icons

SecondaryQuest1 Icon.png SecondaryQuest2 Icon.png These icons are seen when a quest requires that you click on a target to be transported to another area or receive a buff necessary to complete a step of the quest.
Unknownbattle1 Icon.png Stone, Sky, Sea Icon

Gold Saucer / Triple Triad Icons

Icon Large Icon Small Description
Gold Saucer1 Icon.png Gold Saucer2 Icon.png Gold Saucer Quest/Event available to begin
Gold Saucer3 Icon.png Gold Saucer4 Icon.png Gold Saucer Quest/Event is available to be completed
Gold Saucer5 Icon.png Gold Saucer6 Icon.png Triple Triad Quest available to begin/NPC not defeated yet
Gold Saucer7 Icon.png Gold Saucer8 Icon.png Triple Triad Quest is available to be completed
Gold Saucer9 Icon.png Gold Saucer10 Icon.png These Gold Saucer icons are not currently being used.
Gold Saucer11 Icon.png Gold Saucer12 Icon.png These Gold Saucer icons are not currently being used.

FATE Icons

     Icon Type Description
Map64 Icon.png Slay Enemies This type of FATE requires the participating players to defeat waves of multiple monsters in one general area.
Map65 Icon.png Notorious Monster This type of FATE requires the participating players to defeat a single monster in one general area. The single monster may, however, be assisted by adds.
Map66 Icon.png Gather Items This type of FATE requires the participating players to gather certain items from either monsters in the immediate vicinity or from spawned interaction points, and deliver them to a nearby NPC.
Map67 Icon.png Defense This type of FATE requires the participating players to assist NPCs and defeat waves of multiple monsters in one general area.
Map68 Icon.png Escort This type of FATE requires the participating players to escort an NPC from one location to another, defeating waves of multiple monsters along the way.


Mob Icons

Icon Description
Mob1 Icon.png This mob is a current Hunting Log target.
Mob15 Icon.png This mob is a current main scenario quest target.
Mob14 Icon.png This mob is a sidequest target.
Mob16 Icon.png This mob is a current levequest target.
Mob17 Icon.png This mob is a current guildhest target.
Mob18 Icon.png This mob is a current fate target.
Atma Book Icon.png This mob is a current target related to the Zodiac weapon quest.
Huntmobicon.png This mob is a current target of The Hunt.

Mob Difficulty Icons

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Passive Mob2 Icon.png Mob3 Icon.png Mob4 Icon.png Mob5 Icon.png Mob6 Icon.png Mob7 Icon.png
Aggressive Mob8 Icon.png Mob9 Icon.png Mob10 Icon.png Mob11 Icon.png Mob12 Icon.png Mob13 Icon.png

Target Markers

Icon Description
Marker1 Icon.pngMarker2 Icon.pngMarker3 Icon.pngMarker4 Icon.pngMarker5 Icon.pngMarker15 Icon.pngMarker16 Icon.pngMarker17 Icon.png These markers can be applied to mobs, targets or other players and seen by members of your party. This set is typically applied by a tank and used to identify a kill order.
Marker6 Icon.pngMarker7 Icon.pngMarker8 Icon.pngLockMarker4 Icon.pngLockMarker5 Icon.pngLockMarker6 Icon.pngLockMarker7 Icon.pngLockMarker8 Icon.png These markers can be applied to mobs, targets or other players and seen by members of your party. They are intended to identify linked mobs.
Marker9 Icon.pngMarker10 Icon.pngStopMarker3 Icon.pngStopMarker4 Icon.pngStopMarker5 Icon.pngStopMarker6 Icon.pngStopMarker7 Icon.pngStopMarker8 Icon.png These markers can be applied to mobs, targets or other players and seen by members of your party. They designate mobs that should not be killed, or that should be slept and killed last.
Marker11 Icon.pngMarker12 Icon.pngMarker13 Icon.pngMarker14 Icon.png These markers can be applied to mobs, targets or other players and seen by members of your party.

Player Icons

These icons appear next to a players name in the party list and/or above their heads next to their name, and describe what the player's status or what they are seeking.

Player1 Icon.png Not Found
Player2 Icon.png Disconnecting
Player3 Icon.png Offline
Player4 Icon.png Online
Player5 Icon.png Sharing Duty
Player6 Icon.png Similar Duty
Player7 Icon.png Viewing Cutscene
Player8 Icon.png Busy
Player9 Icon.png PvP / In Duty
Player10 Icon.png Away from Keyboard
Player11 Icon.png Looking for Repairs
Player36 Icon.png Playing Triple Triad
Player12 Icon.png Looking to Repair
Player13 Icon.png Looking to Meld Materia (Search Info)
Player14 Icon.png Looking for Party (Old)
Player15 Icon.png
Player16 Icon.png Waiting for Duty Finder
Player17 Icon.png Alliance Leader
Player18 Icon.png Alliance Party Leader
Player19 Icon.png Alliance Party Member
Player20 Icon.png Party Leader
Player21 Icon.png Party Member
Player22 Icon.png Gardening Icon - formerly new player icon
Player23 Icon.png Waiting for Friend List/Linkshell/Free Company Approval
Player24 Icon.png New Adventurer
link Trial Adventurer
Player25 Icon.png Looking for Party (Search Info)
Player26 Icon.png Game Master
Player27 Icon.png Yoshida - Producer
Player28 Icon.png Game Master
Player29 Icon.png Game Master
Player30 Icon.png Using a Chocobo Porter
Player31 Icon.png Another World (in a Duty/Dungeon/Trial)
Player32 Icon.png Looking for Party/Recruiting Party Members
Player33 Icon.png Returning Player
Player34 Icon.png Undertaking a QUEST FATE
Player37 Icon.png Mentor
Player38 Icon.png New Adventurer in the Novice Network
Player39 Icon.png PvE Mentor
Player40 Icon.png Trade Mentor
Player41 Icon.png PvP Mentor

Duty Icons

These icons relate to various duties.

061801.png Dungeon
061802.png Raid
061803.png Guildhest
061804.png Trial
061805.png Quest Battle
061806.png PvP
061807.png Roulette
061808.png Treasure Hunt
061809.png Fate
061810.png Challenge Log
061811.png Levequest
061812.png Grand Company
061813.png Chocobo
061814.png Beast Tribe Quest
061815.png Disciples of the Land
061816.png Disciples of the Hand
061817.png Commendation
061819.png Hunt
061820.png Gold Saucer
061821.png Exploratory Mission
061822.png Stone, Sea, Sky
061823.png Hall of the Novice
061824.png Palace of the Dead
061825.png Wondrous Tails
061827.png Custom Deliveries
061832.png High-end Duties
061833.png Eureka

Experience Points

Example Type Description
Expicon.png Standard Experience Points Main leveling system of FFXIV.
Elementalxp.png Elemental Experience Points Leveling system of Eureka.
PvP EXP.png PvP Experience Points Leveling system of player versus player battles.
Companion EXP.png Chocobo Experience Points Leveling system for your Chocobo Companion.
Squadexpicon.png Squadron Experience Points Leveling system for your NPC Squadron.

Gear Colors

Example Color Description
Mythril Lance Icon.png White Common gear. In the base game, item level and required level tend to be identical. Item can be obtained from quests, crafted by players, dropped from enemies you kill or bought from merchants. Melding slots may or may not be available.
Aetherial Mythril Lance Icon.png Pink Aetherial gear with item levels slightly above the required level. Item can be obtained from dungeon and levequest chests. Will have different or higher stats, and will spiritbond faster compared to their 'white' counterparts. Stats can vary between items with the same name. Melding slots are not available.
Champion's Lance Icon.png Green Scarce gear with item levels ranging from mildly above, to greatly above the required level. They are mainly obtained from dungeons, but may also be purchased from the grand company, and created through high-level crafting. Melding slots may or may not be available.
Allagan Spear Icon.png Blue Rare gear with item levels usually far above the required level. They can be obtained from job quests, achievements, certain dungeons, trading tomestones with certain NPCs, high-level raids, and some are even crafted. Melding slots may or may not be available.
Gae Bolg Icon.png Purple Relic weapons. They are obtained through the relic questline and are specific to their job. Melding slots are not available.

Gear Icons

Gear 1 Icon.png Head
Gear 3 Icon.png Body
Gear 5 Icon.png Shield
Gear 6 Icon.png Legs
Gear 7 Icon.png Hands
Gear 8 Icon.png Feet
Gear 9 Icon.png Waist
Gear 10 Icon.png Necklace
Gear 11 Icon.png Earrings
Gear 12 Icon.png Bracelet
Gear 13 Icon.png Ring
Gear 2 Icon.pngGear 4 Icon.png Undergarments (1.x)

Main Commands

Main Command 1 Icon.png Stance
Main Command 3 Icon.png Character
Main Command 2 Icon.png Inventory
Main Command 4 Icon.png PvP Profile
Main Command 5 Icon.png Key Items
Main Command 6 Icon.png Duty Finder
Main Command 7 Icon.png Recommendations
Main Command 8 Icon.png Crafting Log
Main Command 9 Icon.png Fishing Log
40pxx Map
Main Command 11 Icon.png Waymarks
Main Command 12 Icon.png Party Members
Main Command 13 Icon.png Housing
Main Command 14 Icon.png Party Finder
Main Command 15 Icon.png Ready Check
Main Command 16 Icon.png Active Help
Main Command 17 Icon.png System Configuration
Main Command 18 Icon.png User Macros
Main Command 19 Icon.png Log Out
Main Command 20 Icon.png Actions & Traits
Main Command 21 Icon.png Armoury Chest
Main Command 22 Icon.png Companions
Main Command 23 Icon.png Achievements
Main Command 24 Icon.png Journal
Main Command 25 Icon.png Timers
Main Command 26 Icon.png Hunting Log
Main Command 27 Icon.png Gathering Log
Main Command 28 Icon.png Fish Guide
Main Command 29 Icon.png Signs
Main Command 30 Icon.png Emotes
Main Command 31 Icon.png Free Company
Main Command 32 Icon.png Linkshells
Main Command 33 Icon.png Player Search
Main Command 34 Icon.png Blacklist
Main Command 35 Icon.png Support Desk
Main Command 36 Icon.png Character Configuration
Main Command 37 Icon.png HUD Layout
Main Command 38 Icon.png Keybind
Main Command 39 Icon.png Exit Game
Main Command 40 Icon.png
Main Command 41 Icon.png System (Main Menu)
Main Command 42 Icon.png
Main Command 43 Icon.png Friend List
Main Command 44 Icon.png
Main Command 45 Icon.png Display Settings
Main Command 46 Icon.png Sound Settings
Main Command 47 Icon.png Graphics Settings
Main Command 48 Icon.png Mouse Settings
Main Command 49 Icon.png Gamepad Settings
Main Command 50 Icon.png
Main Command 51 Icon.png Control Settings
Main Command 52 Icon.png UI Settings
Main Command 53 Icon.png Display Name Settings
Main Command 54 Icon.png Hotbar Settings
Main Command 55 Icon.png Log Window Settings
Main Command 56 Icon.png Other Settings
Main Command 57 Icon.png Sightseeing Log
Main Command 58 Icon.png Mount Guide
Main Command 59 Icon.png Minion Guide
Main Command 60 Icon.png Accessibility Settings
Main Command 61 Icon.png Gold Saucer
Main Command 62 Icon.png Currency
Main Command 63 Icon.png Aether Currents
Main Command 64 Icon.png Challenge Log
Main Command 65 Icon.png Orchestrion List
Main Command 66 Icon.png Hall of the Novice
Main Command 67 Icon.png Playguide
Main Command 68 Icon.png Mount Speed

Map Icons

Map1 Icon.pngMap1a Icon.png Limsa Lominsa
Map2 Icon.pngMap2a Icon.png Gridania
Map3 Icon.pngMap3a Icon.png Ul'dah
Map4 Icon.png Instanced Dungeon
Map5 Icon.png Instanced Raid
Map6 Icon.png Guildhest
Map7 Icon.png Trial
Map8 Icon.png PvP
Map9 Icon.png Locked Duty
Map10 Icon.png Quest Battle
Map11 Icon.png Boss
Map12 Icon.png Unknown
Map13 Icon.png Unknown
Map14 Icon.png Achievements
Map15 Icon.png Unknown
Map16 Icon.png Levequests
Map17 Icon.png Quest
Map18 Icon.png Unknown
Map19 Icon.png Destination area
Map20 Icon.png Unknown
Map21 Icon.png Unknown
Map22 Icon.png Unknown
Map23 Icon.png Unknown
Map24 Icon.png Unknown
Map25 Icon.png Unknown
Map26 Icon.png Unknown
Map27 Icon.png Party members
Map28 Icon.png Unknown
Map29 Icon.png Unknown
Map30 Icon.png Retainer bell
Map31 Icon.png Free Company acquisition
Map32 Icon.png Linkshell acquisition
Map33 Icon.png Aetheryte
Map34 Icon.png Unknown
Map35 Icon.png Harvesting Botany Node
Map36 Icon.png Logging Botany Node
Map37 Icon.png Repairs
Map38 Icon.png Quest continuation
Map39 Icon.png Inn
Map40 Icon.png Quarrying Miner Node
Map41 Icon.png Mining Miner Node
Map42 Icon.png Zone Change
Map43 Icon.png Landmark
Map44 Icon.png Player Location
Map45 Icon.png Unknown
Map46 Icon.png Fishing Node
Map47 Icon.png Stairs up
Map48 Icon.png Stairs down
Map49 Icon.png Settlement/Hamlet
Map50 Icon.png Zahar'ak
Map51 Icon.png Natalan
Map52 Icon.png U'Ghamaro Mines
Map53 Icon.png Ferry
Map54 Icon.png Zone change
Map55 Icon.png Fate
Map56 Icon.png Unknown
Map57 Icon.png Free Company Chest
Map58 Icon.png Unspoiled Harvesting Botanist Node
Map59 Icon.png Unspoiled Logging Botanist Node
Map60 Icon.png Unspoiled Quarrying Miner Node
Map61 Icon.png Unspoiled Mining Miner Node
Map62 Icon.png Unknown Fishing Node
Map63 Icon.png Unknown Fishing Node
Map64 Icon.png Slay Enemies FATE
Map65 Icon.png Notorious Monster FATE
Map66 Icon.png Gather Items FATE
Map67 Icon.png Defense FATE
Map68 Icon.png Special/Quest FATE
Map80 Icon.png Hildibrand(?) FATE
Map101 Icon.png Chase and Defeat FATE
Map69 Icon.png Slay Enemies FATE Overlay
Map70 Icon.png Gather Items Turn-in NPC for FATE
Map71 Icon.png Defense FATE Overlay
Map72 Icon.png Special/Quest FATE Overlay
Map73 Icon.png Hildibrand(?) FATE Overlay
Map74 Icon.png FATE Map Outline
Map75 Icon.png Vendor
Map76 Icon.png Moogle Mail
Map77 Icon.png Unknown
Map78 Icon.png Unknown
Map79 Icon.png Wondrous Tails
Map81 Icon.png Airship
Map82 Icon.png Market Board
Map83 Icon.png Locked Cottage (Closed to public)
Map84 Icon.png Locked House (Closed to public)
Map85 Icon.png Locked Mansion (Closed to public)
Map86 Icon.png Unlocked Cottage (Open to all)
Map87 Icon.png Unlocked House (Open to all)
Map88 Icon.png Unlocked Mansion(Open to all)
Map89 Icon.png Housing Lot purchased, awaiting Housing Permit
Map90 Icon.png Housing Lot available for purchase
Map91 Icon.png Unknown Housing
Map92 Icon.png Unknown Housing Aetheryte
Map93 Icon.png Your Locked Cottage (Closed to public)
Map94 Icon.png Your Locked House (Closed to public)
Map95 Icon.png Your Locked Mansion (Closed to public)
Map96 Icon.png Your Unlocked Cottage (Open to all)
Map97 Icon.png Your Unlocked House (Open to all)
Map98 Icon.png Your Unlocked Mansion (Open to all)
Map99 Icon.png Your purchased land, awaiting Housing Permit
Map100 Icon.png Resident Caretaker Map Icon
Map102 Icon.png Blue Mage Activity

The Feast Icons

Icon Description
The Feast1 Icon.png Worth small (1-25) Medal when defeated.
The Feast2 Icon.png Worth medium (26-74) Medal when defeated.
The Feast3 Icon.png Worth large (75+) Medal when defeated.
The Feast4 Icon.png Offensive supplies. Increases damage dealt.
The Feast5 Icon.png Defensive Supplies. Reduces damage taken.
The Feast6 Icon.png Medical Supplies. Restores HP.
The Feast7 Icon.png Adrenaline. Fills adrenaline gauge.