Eschina/Wondrous Sundries

NPC Icon.pngEschina  Merchant
  Hyur / Female

Zone(s): Rhalgr's Reach  (14-12)
Occupation: Merchant

Primal Gear (Lakshmi)
Primal Gear (Susano)
Wondrous Sundries
Lost Allagan Gear Exchange

Item Level Requires Stats Set Cost    
 Hingan Barding Icon.png  
Hingan Barding
Map20 Icon.png
Lightweight chocobo armor designed to resemble traditional Hingan garb.


30px x 4

 Gyr Abanian Striking Dummy Icon.png  
Gyr Abanian Striking Dummy
Map20 Icon.png
A striking dummy designed in the Gyr Abanian fashion.

※Up to three dummies may be placed in a single estate, regardless of type.


30px x 5

 Tamamo Headband Icon.png  
Tamamo Headband
Map20 Icon.png
 &00000000000000010000001 All Classes Defense 6Magic Defense 11


Sassho-seki Fragment Icon.png x 6

 Fox Kit Icon.png  
Fox Kit
Map20 Icon.png
His devotion toward you will prove fair and balanced.


Sassho-seki Fragment Icon.png x 3

 Stuffed Fox Icon.png  
Stuffed Fox
Map20 Icon.png
In the Far East, foxes are believed to be the most cunning of thieves. And once you find your heart missing, you will be a believer, too.


Sassho-seki Fragment Icon.png x 3

 Ixion Clarion Icon.png  
Ixion Clarion
Map20 Icon.png
It is said the legendary Ixion can be tamed by no man. With this horn, however, can the steed be calmed enough for one to mount his back.


Ixion Horn Icon.png x 12

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