FFXIV:FATE template tutorial

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add a F.A.T.E.

The Gamer Escape templates are constructed to be as user-friendly as possible, but because of some software limitations there are sometimes some unintuitive fields.

The action template is used for all Full Active Time Events ("F.A.T.E.").

We've placed the entire item template below and explain each line, explaining what it's for and what data you can enter for it. The template lines are located in the boxes surrounded by the dashed line with the description for it underneath.

Unless otherwise indicated, you do not need to use any wiki coding (i.e. brackets).

{{ARR Infobox FATE
|Name = 

The name of the FATE you are adding.

|Location = 
|Coordinates  = 

Location is the most specific named location applicable for the FATE(i.e. a zone, area or landmark). Coordinates is the x,y coordinates, if applicable.

|Level = 

The name of the FATE.

|Type = 

The type of the FATE (Notorious Monster, Slay Enemies, Escort, Gather Items or Defense)

|Starting NPC = 

The NPC who starts the FATE, if any.

| Time = 

The time limit of the FATE, in minutes.

| Description = 

The in-game description of the FATE. This field accepts wiki mark-ups.


List of enemies encountered in the FATE, separated by commas.

| Allies = 

List all allies involved in the FATE (other that the quest starter), separated by commas.

| Delivery NPC = 
| Item Delivered = 

For Gather Items FATEs, the NPC receiving the item and the name of the item being delivered.

|EXPReward = 
|GilReward = 
|SealReward = 

The amount of experience points, gil or seals received on completing the FATE at the gold level. Add these as raw numbers (without commas).

|ConditionalReward 1 = 
|ConditionalReward 1 Count =   
|ConditionalReward 1 Condition =  

The first optional item offered on completing the FATE, and, if necessary, the number received or condition (i.e. gold or silver). Add more lines as needed (i.e. ConditionalReward 2, ConditionalReward 3, etc.)

|Required Status = 
|Changes Status = 

If the FATE requires a location to be under certain control, or results in such control, add it here. This field accepts wiki mark-ups.

|Patch =       

Number only. FATES available at launch should be identified as 2.0.


Add any strategies for completing the quest here. This field accepts wiki mark-ups. Recommended that the {{strategy}} template be used. Such as:

{{Strategy|PT1=MNK, WHM, BLM, GLA,MNK, WHM|PT2=BLM, GLA,MNK|PT3=BLM, GLA,MNK|PT4=BLM, GLA,MNK|This is a strategy |Level = 50}}

|Dialogue =

Add the in-game FATE dialogue. This field accepts wiki mark-ups.

|Etymology =

Add any information about how the origins of the name of the FATE. This field accepts wiki mark-ups.

|Images =

Add any images related to the FATE, separated by commas. Just add the file name and extension as uploaded to the wiki ("File:" is not needed).

|Notes =

Add any notes that don't fit anywhere else here. This field accepts wiki mark-ups.