Field Exploration

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Retainer Ventures

The following exploration ventures will allow your retainer to freely explore the world, procuring certain items as they see fit. Although these ventures require more time to complete, they yield far greater experience, and also allow retainers to procure more obscure items such as Allagan bronze and silver pieces. Disciples of War and Magic will procure the same items from such ventures, regardless of class, and engage in Field Exploration.

Level Venture Duration EXP Venture Cost Avg iLvl Potential Items
Lv. 1 Field Exploration I 18h 8,500 2 None Allagan Bronze PieceHoneyRam Horn
Lv. 5 Field Exploration II 18h 39,700 2 None Allagan Bronze PieceAnimal HideBat FangPeach Confetti
Lv. 10 Field Exploration III 18h 105,600 2 1 Allagan Bronze PieceAntelope HornBat WingCherry ConfettiDodo EggDodo TenderloinYellow Yarzon Leg
Lv. 15 Field Exploration IV 18h 204,000 2 1 Aldgoat SkinAllagan Bronze PieceDodo FeatherEarth Materia IFire Materia IIce Materia I
Lv. 20 Field Exploration V 18h 248,900 2 10 Acidic SecretionsAldgoat HornAllagan Bronze PieceDexterity Materia IIntelligence Materia IMind Materia IPiety Materia IStrength Materia IVitality Materia I
Lv. 25 Field Exploration VI 18h 315,800 2 10 Allagan Bronze PieceBattledance Materia IBlue Yarzon LegHeavens' Eye Materia IMorbol VineNight MilkSandworm FangSavage Aim Materia ISavage Might Materia I
Lv. 30 Field Exploration VII 18h 363,200 2 10 Allagan Bronze PieceBoar HideEarth Materia IIFire Materia IIFleeceIce Materia IILightning Materia IIWater Materia IIWind Materia II
Lv. 35 Field Exploration VIII 18h 420,600 2 20 Allagan Bronze PieceDexterity Materia IIIntelligence Materia IIMind Materia IIOchu VinePiety Materia IIRaptor SinewStrength Materia IIVitality Materia II
Lv. 40 Field Exploration IX 18h 459,800 2 20 Allagan Bronze PieceApkallu DownApkallu EggBasilisk EggBattledance Materia IIBuffalo SirloinHeavens' Eye Materia IISavage Aim Materia IISavage Might Materia II
Lv. 45 Field Exploration X 18h 542,600 2 30 Allagan Bronze PieceCraftsman's Command Materia IIICraftsman's Competence Materia IIIDexterity Materia IIIGysahl RingIntelligence Materia IIIMind Materia IIIPiety Materia IIIRaptor SkinStrength Materia IIIVitality Materia III
Lv. 50 Field Exploration XI 18h 864,000 2 50 Allagan Silver PieceCanard BreastChinchilla HideHippogryph SkinPrickly Pineapple
Lv. 50 Field Exploration XII 18h 864,000 2 60 Allagan Silver PieceCoeurl MeatHippogryph SkinMossy Stone ClawsMossy Stone GreatswordMossy Stone SpearMossy Stone Sword
Lv. 50 Field Exploration XIII 18h 864,000 2 70 Coeurl MeatHippogryph SkinLight Steel PlateMinute MindflayerSaurian SkinTaffeta ClothTawny Latex
Lv. 50 Field Exploration XIV 18h 864,000 2 80 Coeurl MeatCoeurl SkinHippogryph SkinMossy Stone ClawsMossy Stone SpearMossy Stone SwordTiny Tapir
Lv. 50 Field Exploration XV 18h 864,000 2 90 Allagan Silver PieceDodore WingHippogryph SkinTawny LatexTiny TapirUraeus Skin
Lv. 50 Field Exploration XVI 18h 864,000 2 100 Allagan Silver PieceDodore WingHippogryph SkinMossy HornSaurian SkinTawny LatexUraeus Skin
Lv. 51 Field Exploration XVII 18h 1,701,800 2 110 Allagan Silver PieceBearskinBlue Fox HideDodore WingMossy Stone GreatswordSaurian SkinTaffeta ClothTawny Latex
Lv. 55 Field Exploration XVIII 18h 3,173,900 2 126 Allagan Silver PieceBearskinBlue Fox HideDodore WingIron Giant ScrapMossy Stone GreatswordSaurian SkinTaffeta ClothTawny Latex
Lv. 60 Field Exploration XIX 18h 3,576,000 2 170 Allagan Silver PieceAmphiptere LeatherChimerical FeltCrawler SilkGrade 1 Strength DissolventGrade 1 Vitality DissolventIron Giant ScrapTiny TapirWing Glue
Lv. 61 Field Exploration XX 18h 3,636,600 2 245