Fishing Log: Jadeite Flood

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Fisher icon.png Lv. 5   Fishing Log: Jadeite Flood
New Gridania - Jadeite Flood  (12-13) (Freshwater)
Fishing Log
Jadeite Flood-Fishing.jpg
New Gridania Fishing Logs
Fishing Log: Lower Black Tea Brook
Fish Details
Moat Carp Icon.png
Moat Carp (Level 19)
Bait: Crow FlySnurble Fly
Raincaller Icon.png
Raincaller (Level 43)
Bait: Stem BorerSnurble Fly
Weather: Rain(Rain)
Stormdancer Icon.png
Stormdancer (Level 50 ★★)
Bait: Stem Borer
Conditions: 5pm-2:59am Eorzean Time, 300+ Gathering required.
Weather: Rain(Rain)