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|Tug            =  
|Tug            =  
|HoleBait        =  
|HoleBait        =  
|HoleConditions  = [[Snagging]]
|HoleConditions  =  
|Snagging       = Yes

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Fisher icon.png Lv. 70   Fishing Log: Plum Spring
Yanxia - The Gensui Chain - Plum Spring (36-23) (Freshwater)
Fishing Log
Plum Spring-Fishing.jpg
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Fish Details
Pandamoth (Level 69)
Bait: Midge Larva Icon.pngMidge LarvaStonefly Larva Icon.pngStonefly LarvaSuspending Minnow Icon.pngSuspending MinnowVersatile Lure Icon.pngVersatile Lure
Conditions: 10AM-6PM
Petal Shell (Level 80 ★★)
Bait: Signature Skyball Icon.pngSignature Skyball
Conditions: Have quest Ever Skyward with Dragonsung Fishing Rod equipped
Timeworn Gazelleskin Map (Level )
Snagging Icon.png Snagging required