Fishing Log: Sapsa Spawning Grounds

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Fisher icon.png Lv. 45   Fishing Log: Sapsa Spawning Grounds
Western La Noscea - Sapsa Spawning Grounds  (17-15) (Saltwater)
Fishing Log
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Fish Details
Fullmoon Sardine Icon.png
Fullmoon Sardine (Level 34)
Bait: Spoon WormKrill Cage FeederYumizuno
Conditions: 6pm-6am Eorzean Time
Nautilus Icon.png
Nautilus (Level 45)
Bait: Fullmoon Sardine
Mooched from:
Conditions: Mooched from Fullmoon SardineHQ Icon.png
Sea Devil Icon.png
Sea Devil (Level 49)
Bait: Northern KrillYumizuno
The Captain's Chalice Icon.png
The Captain's Chalice (Level 50 ★★★)
Bait: Fullmoon Sardine
Mooched from:
Conditions: 11pm-1:59am Eorzean Time
Timeworn Goatskin Map Icon.png
Timeworn Goatskin Map (Level 40)
Conditions: Activate Snagging. Replaces any catch. Only one map can be obtained every 18 hours