Fishing Log: The Comet's Tail

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Fisher icon.png Lv. 62   Fishing Log: The Comet's Tail
The Fringes - Pike Falls - The Comet's Tail (Information Needed) (Freshwater) (Salmon Roe)
Fishing Log
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Fish Details
Falling Star Icon.png
Falling Star (Level 62)
Bait: Salmon RoeSuspending Minnow
Weather: Clouds(Clouds) or Fog(Fog)
Nirvana Crab Icon.png
Nirvana Crab (Level 62)
Bait: Salmon RoeSuspending Minnow
Weather: Clouds(Clouds)
Cardinalfish Icon.png
Cardinalfish (Level 70 ★)

Gathering Book Required
Bait: Suspending Minnow
Conditions: 7pm-11pm
Unlocked via Gyr Abania Folklore Book
Weather: Clouds(Clouds) or Fog(Fog)