Fishing Log: The Long Climb

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Fisher icon.png Lv. 40   Fishing Log: The Long Climb
Outer La Noscea - The Long Climb  (15-11) (Freshwater) (Gulleye III)
Fishing Log
The Long Climb-Fishing.jpg
Outer La Noscea Fishing Logs
Fishing Log: Northwest Bronze Lake
Fish Details
Thunderbolt Sculpin Icon.png
Thunderbolt Sculpin (Level 42)
Bait: Spinner
Weather: Rain(Rain)
Giant Donko Icon.png
Giant Donko (Level 50 ★)
Bait: Caddisfly LarvaSpinnerbaitTopwater Frog
Conditions: 4am-8:59am Eorzean Time
Thundergut Icon.png
Thundergut (Level 50 ★★★)
Bait: Stem Borer
Conditions: 4pm,7pm-2:59am Eorzean Time, 348+ Gathering required
Weather: Rain(Rain)
Timeworn Leather Map Icon.png
Timeworn Leather Map (Level 40)
Bait: Caddisfly Larva
Conditions: Replaces any catch. Only one map can be obtained every 18 hours.