Green Bavarois

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Flan Icon.pngGreen Bavarois  Zoneicon.png
Level 50
Job(s) Thaumaturge
"The unique characteristics of this creature include a gelatinous outer-layer of protective flesh that can alter its aspect to varying elements depending on the flan's disposition, a gaping maw capable of devouring small land beastkin in a single swallow, and a pair of sinister eyes that some say can gaze straight into one's soul. The species is commonly classified as a voidsent, or not of this world; due to the flan's advanced cognitive abilities and its uncanny ability to mimic basic speech, however, there are some naturalists and scholars who believe the species may be actually related to man." - from The Lodestone
Zone Level Drops Notes
Upper La Noscea - The Wanderer's Palace - The Long Hall - The Final Ease  50 Aggressive.png

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