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NPC Icon.pngGyosho  Merchant

Zone(s): The Azim Steppe - Nhaama's Retreat - Dhoro Iloh (5.8-23.5)
Occupation: Festival Vendor

Welcome, welcome! I have been assigned this prominent counter space for one reason─to provide material rewards to our loyal volunteers. The more people who come to lend a fin, the more items we can offer!


Item Level Requires Stats Set Cost    
 Venture Icon.png  
Quest Icon.pngLevequest Icon.pngMap20 Icon.pngAllied Seal Icon.pngCenturio Seal Icon.pngFlame Seal Icon.pngSerpent Seal Icon.pngStorm Seal Icon.png

 x 1

Namazu Koban Icon.png x 1

 Stormsap Icon.png  
Map20 Icon.pngDesynthesis Icon.png
The chemical composition of this milky violet liquid is unknown, but its color─reminiscent of a thundercloud illuminated by lightning─has given rise to rumors surrounding its origins that have led to the unfortunate electrocution of many a scholar and profiteer alike.

 x 1

Namazu Koban Icon.png x 1

 Stuffed Namazu Icon.png  
Stuffed Namazu
Map20 Icon.png
A lovingly rendered plush Namazu, complete with most meaningful bell and glazed gaze.

 x 1

Namazu Koban Icon.png x 5

 Basket of Steamed Buns Icon.png  
Basket of Steamed Buns
Map20 Icon.png
Meat buns so fresh that they have yet to be removed from the steaming basket.

※Cannot be retrieved once used.
※Can be used up to 10 times.

Meal benefits when used:
Determination Bonus: +4% (Max 7)
VIT Bonus: +4% (Max 8)
Gear Durability Bonus: +2
EXP Bonus: +3%
Duration: 30m
(Duration can be extended to 60m by consuming multiple servings)

 x 1

Namazu Koban Icon.png x 3

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