Highland Exploration

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Retainer Ventures

The following exploration ventures will allow your retainer to freely explore the world, procuring certain items as they see fit. Although these ventures require more time to complete, they yield far greater experience, and also allow retainers to procure more obscure items such as Allagan bronze and silver pieces. Miner Retainers engage in Highland Exploration.

Level Venture Duration EXP Venture Cost Gathering Potential Items
Lv. 1 Highland Exploration I 18h 4000 2 None Allagan Bronze PieceCopper OreFire ShardLightning ShardMuddy Water
Lv. 5 Highland Exploration II 18h 21000 2 None Allagan Bronze PieceFire ShardLightning ShardRaw Lapis LazuliRaw Sunstone
Lv. 10 Highland Exploration III 18h 39333 2 30 Allagan Bronze PieceFine SandIron OreRock SaltSunset Orange DyeUl'dahn Sparkler
Lv. 15 Highland Exploration IV 18h 67778 2 45 Allagan Bronze PieceCraftsman's Competence Materia IGatherer's Guerdon Materia IMagicked Prism (Indigo Star)MudstoneRaw DanburiteShale Brown DyeSunrise Tellin
Lv. 20 Highland Exploration V 18h 80857 2 65 Allagan Bronze PieceGatherer's Guile Materia IIce RockLightning RockPlum Purple DyeSilver SandSunset Orange DyeUl'dahn Sparkler
Lv. 25 Highland Exploration VI 18h 100211 2 87 Allagan Bronze PieceBomb AshBrimstoneLime Green DyeMagicked Prism (Indigo Star)Seafog Blue DyeSilex
Lv. 30 Highland Exploration VII 18h 135417 2 99 Allagan Bronze PieceCraftsman's Competence Materia IIGatherer's Guerdon Materia IIKobold Brown DyeRaw GarnetRaw HeliodorRaw PeridotStorm Blue DyeUl'dahn Sparkler
Lv. 35 Highland Exploration VIII 18h 160221 2 109 Allagan Bronze PieceCoeurl Yellow DyeCraftsman's Command Materia IIGatherer's Guile Materia IIGrenade AshMagicked Prism (Indigo Star)Raw TourmalineSeafog Blue Dye
Lv. 40 Highland Exploration IX 18h 190588 2 120 Allagan Bronze PieceElectrum SandGatherer's Grasp Materia IIMillioncorn Yellow DyeRaw RubelliteRaw TurquoiseUl'dahn SparklerWoad Blue Dye
Lv. 45 Highland Exploration X 18h 209333 2 133 Adamantoise ShellAllagan Bronze PieceBasilisk EggCraftsman's Command Materia IIICraftsman's Competence Materia IIICraftsman's Cunning Materia IIIGatherer's Grasp Materia IIIGatherer's Guerdon Materia IIIGatherer's Guile Materia III
Lv. 50 Highland Exploration XI 18h 288000 2 230 Allagan Silver PieceBlue Fox HideDarksteel OreGold OreGold SandStar AniseVolcanic Rock Salt
Lv. 50 Highland Exploration XII 18h 288000 2 238 Allagan Silver PieceAstral RockDarksteel OreGold SandMossy Stone StaffVolcanic Rock Salt
Lv. 50 Highland Exploration XIII 18h 288000 2 285 Allagan Silver PieceGold SandLight Steel PlateMinute MindflayerTaffeta ClothVolcanic Rock Salt
Lv. 50 Highland Exploration XIV 18h 288000 2 286 Allagan Silver PieceDarksteel OreGold OreMiniature MinecartMossy Stone BowMossy Stone DaggersNymeia LilyVolcanic Rock Salt
Lv. 50 Highland Exploration XV 18h 288000 2 292 Allagan Silver PieceFerberiteGrade 3 Thanalan TopsoilNative GoldRaw RubyVolcanic Rock Salt
Lv. 50 Highland Exploration XVI 18h 288000 2 294 Allagan Silver PieceFerberiteNative GoldRaw RubyScheeliteVolcanic Rock Salt
Lv. 51 Highland Exploration XVII 18h 422400 2 311 Allagan Silver PieceFerberiteRaw DiamondRaw EmeraldRaw IoliteRaw TopazScheeliteUmbral Rock
Lv. 55 Highland Exploration XVIII 18h 998400 2 388 Allagan Silver PieceAntumbral RockPumiceRaw DiamondSteel MainspringUmbral RockVirgin Basilisk Egg
Lv. 60 Highland Exploration XIX 18h 1490000 2 486 Abalathian Rock SaltAdamantite NuggetAdamantite OreAllagan Silver PieceAurum Regis NuggetChrysoliteHardsilver NuggetOdder OtterRed QuartzSteel Mainspring
Lv. 61 Highland Exploration XX 18h 1772000 2 700 Allagan Silver PieceKoppranickel OreOdder OtterRaw KyaniteRaw Star SpinelRaw Triphane
Lv. 65 Highland Exploration XXI 18h 2858333 2 739 Allagan Silver PieceDurium OreDurium SandMolybdenum OreOdder OtterRaw AzuriteRaw Imperial JadeRaw Rhodonite
Lv. 70 Highland Exploration XXII 18h Information Needed 2 805 Ala Mhigan Salt CrystalAllagan Silver PieceKoala JoeyMameshibaRaw AzuriteRaw Imperial Jade