His Forgotten Home

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Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 70   His Forgotten Home
His Forgotten Home Image.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Gil Icon.png2,174
Informationicon.png Description
Alisaie is pondering how best to make use of your reprieve from the tedium of negotiations.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Speak with Asahi.
  • Speak with Asahi.
  • Speak with Asahi.
  • Speak with Asahi.
  • Speak with Asahi.
Issuing NPC: Alisaie
Doman Enclave  (5.0-5.5)
Type: Main Scenario
Unlocks: Mainquest1 Icon.pngA Guilty Conscience
Quest: Mainquest1 Icon.pngStorm on the Horizon
NPCs Involved: Asahi
Mobs Involved: Softshell of the RedSlickshell Captain
  • Alisaie is in the middle of suggesting that you take some time to meet the people of Doma when Yugiri approaches with Asahi in tow. While Lord Hien deliberates over the proposed prisoner exchange, Asahi apparently wishes to take a trip around Yanxia. And who better to accompany him than the fabled Warrior of Light. Though you are sure he will be quite safe in Yugiri's company, it is plain that both would welcome your presence. You duly agree to join them, as does Alisaie, and the four of you set out for the town of Monzen.
  • Upon arriving in Monzen, Asahi is shocked to see what has become of the once-proud home of the samurai. Taking in the devastation wreaked under his sister's governance, he reaffirms his determination to put an end to the conflict between Doma and the Empire. That he might have a better view of the remnants of Doma Castle, Yugiri then leads him deeper into the ruins.
  • Doma Castle is no more, and Asahi can but lament the loss of the great keep which once graced Yanxia's skyline. Though Yugiri shares his sentiment, she observes that rebuilding such grand edifices will do little to help the people rebuild their lives. At the mention of Doma's long-suffering citizens, Asahi expresses a desire to visit Namai, recalling that the village is only a short journey away. To this end, Yugiri dutifully heads for the nearby docks to ready a boat to bear you back through the Moon Gates.
  • After a brief trip down the One River, you moor near the Eastern Ryurin Bridge only to hear a voice cry out in the distance. Asahi runs off towards the source of the commotion without hesitation and you follow in turn. Moments later, you are surprised to find Isse and Azami surrounded by a group of Red Kojin. Thankfully, the thick-shelled sellswords prove no match for you, and beat a hasty retreat. The danger having passed, you turn your attention to Isse and Azami, anxious to find out if either one has come to harm.
  • Asahi lays the blame for the Kojin's aggression squarely at the feet of the Empire, and Yugiri is quick to point out the absurdity of his position. Rather than take offense, however, he implores her to look past old allegiances that you might all work towards the common goal of peace.
  • While not under the best of circumstances, Asahi seems glad to have had the opportunity to share his thoughts on how relations between Doma and the Empire might be improved. And, regrettable though the battle was, he admits to having relished the chance to witness your martial prowess firsthand.
You'll begin alongside Yugiri Mistwalker (NIN), Alisaie (RDM), Asahi sas Brutus (SAM), and Isse against four Softshell of the Red and a Slickshell Captain. Yugiri and Alisaie will each take two of the Softshells while Asahi focuses on the captain. Work on the softshells as best you can, and try to keep them away from Isse, who is shielding Azami.

As the fight goes on more Softshell of the Red will spawn and approach Isse. Take them out ASAP, despite having the same name they are nowhere near as sturdy as the ones attacking your companions. The Slickshell Captain will also change how he casts Water III, now being a stack mechanic centered on Isse that Asahi will help you soak. He will also cast Blizzard III, marking you with an icon and leaving an ice puddle on the ground when it goes off, so take it away from Isse and your other allies.

A little later in the fight, Yugiri will cast Shadowspawn, spawning two more helpers. One will go to help Alisae, while the other will assist Asahi on the captain and also help soak further Water IIIs. Continue to take out the remaining adds and any reinforcements (Asahi will tank some of them at this point) before finally piling onto the captain. Once they are all defeated the fight will end.

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