Interceptor Drone

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Question mark stub.pngInterceptor Node  NMicon.pngZoneicon.png
Defense Node
Level 50
An ancient Allagan device uncovered at the Carteneau Flats. It appears to be a Heliodrome defense mechanism which periodically shoots lasers across the heliodrome at targets in the area for which it has enmity against. One of many relics of Allagan technology which are being contested on the Frontline.
Zone Level Drops Notes
Carteneau Flats: Borderland Ruins  50 Aggressive.png
  • Periodically shoots lasers in a line at players it has enmity towards.
  • 6 drones appear in a circle around the Heliodrome, starting at 27:00 on the instance timer, and every 3 minutes from when the last group was destroyed.
  • Defeating an Interceptor Drone awards 20 Tactical Rating points to the team that dealt the most damage to it. The team that "tagged" the monster does not matter.
  • Though the Drones hover in the air, they are immobile and will not give chase.
  • Act as defenders of the Interceptor Node when it spawns.
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