Interceptor Node

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Defense Node
Level 50
Interceptor Node.png
An ancient Allagan device uncovered at the Carteneau Flats. It appears to be a defense mechanism which periodically discharges bursts of energy while it charges up a powerful burst of energy designed to incapacitate everyone in the vincinity. One of many relics of Allagan technology which are being contested on the Frontline.
Zone Level Drops Notes
Carteneau Flats: Borderland Ruins  50 Aggressive.png
  • Periodically does damage to all players on or near the allagan platforms at the center of the zone.
  • For as long as the node remains, sections of the Node's pillar will light up. When all 5 segments are lit, the Interceptor Node will discharge a blast of energy that KOs all players in a large radius around it.
  • Defeating the Interceptor Node awards a large Tactical Rating bonus to the team of the player that deals the killing blow.
  • Is attached to the ground and therefore completely immobile.
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