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{{ARR Infobox TTCard
{{ARR Infobox TTCard
| Name = Karakuri Hanya
| Name = Karakuri Hanya

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Karakuri Hanya (Triple Triad Card) icon.pngKarakuri Hanya
Triple Triad Card
Fitted with a mask of the hanya─a symbol of extreme envy and malice─this automaton is a marriage of Doman ingenuity and Hingan design. Its creators, somehow uncertain that a high-powered crossbow welded to one arm and a ludicrously large mace to the other would provide the golem with sufficient means of punishing its victims, also installed variations with a self-destruct mechanism capable of laying waste to nearby attackers.

Karakuri Hanya (Triple Triad Card) Full.png
4 7 1
Family: N/A
Rarity: Common
Acquired from: Karakuri Hanya Card