Khloe Aliapoh

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NPC Icon.pngKhloe Aliapoh  Sidequest3 Icon.pngMerchant
Zone(s): Idyllshire  (5.7-6.0)

"Khloe likes listening to stories and then making up her own. Can you tell me some of yours?"

Zhloe's sister yarns to follow in her elder's footsteps, and to that end she earns scrips by helping out "Aunt Rowena". The thirteen-year old girl also makes up stories to cheer up T'kebbe, a fellow orphan, and relies on adventurers to provide inspiration. Precisely how she has managed to befriend so many is unclear, though there is some speculation she employs advance techniques she learned from her aforementioned aunt.

Khloe Aliapoh.png
Involved in Quests (2)
Wondrous Tails
Gold Certificates
Silver Certificates

When turning in a journal, the player can choose one of the two or three (depending on if the player is doing the Level 60 or Level 70 Wondrous Tails) available items from each category for which they have satisfied the requirements.
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