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Airship XP Icon.pngKomura
Subaquatic Deployment Sector
Discovered via The Cobalt Shoals
Possible Rewards
Item Quantity
Balsa Wood Lumber Icon.png Balsa Wood Lumber 1
Empty Crystal Icon.png Empty Crystal 7-14
Red Moko Grass Icon.png Red Moko Grass Information Needed
Synthetic Fiber Icon.png Synthetic Fiber Information Needed
Synthetic Resin Icon.png Synthetic Resin Information Needed
Battledance Materia IV Icon.png Battledance Materia IV 13
Magnanimous Mogcrown Icon.png Magnanimous Mogcrown Information Needed
Sector: P
Required Rank: 30
Ceruleum Cost: 6
Difficulty: ★ ★ ★
EXP: 231,750