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[[Category:ZoneType:Player Versus Player Arena]]
[[Category:ZoneType:Player Versus Player Arena]]
[[Category:Player Versus Player]]

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This page shares a name with a Final Fantasy IXV version 1.0 location, Lichenweed (1.0) which is no longer in the game.

Region: The Black Shroud
Landmass: Aldenard
World: Hydaelyn

Connections & Duties

Connection Coordinates
Duty Coordinates

The Feast - 8 on 8 (Training Match)
The Feast - 4 on 4 (Ranked Match)
The Feast (Custom Match)

Zone Summary & Overview

Area                               NPCs            Quests            FATEs            Levequests            Hunting Log Targets             Monsters              Logging/Harvesting            Mining/Quarrying            Fishing Log Locations

This largely natural area in The Black Shroud is one of the locations for the PvP battles collectively known as The Feast. The arena has two forms, for 8v8 and 4v4 battles.