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| Flag = LimsaLominsaFlag.png
| Flag = LimsaLominsaFlag.png
| Type = City
| Type = City
| Weather = Rain, Overcast, Fair, Clear, Fog
| Weather = Rain, Overcast, Fair Skies, Clear Skies, Fog
| Region = La Noscea
| Region = La Noscea
| Aetheryte = Limsa Lominsa Aetheryte Plaza
| Aetheryte = Limsa Lominsa Aetheryte Plaza

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Zoneicon.pngLimsa Lominsa Lower Decks
Limsa's lower decks are some of the city's earliest structures, having been constructed by the crew of the Galadion between the towers in the bay. These bridges and platforms hang over the ocean waters, and are truly a beautiful sight to behold. When viewed from afar, they shine and sway not unlike the lightest of gossamer silks, and as such have been given the name the "Navigator's Veil."
Region: La Noscea
Subregion: Limsa Lominsa
Landmass: Vylbrand
World: Hydaelyn
Weather: Clear Skies icon.png (Clear Skies)
Fair Skies icon.png (Fair Skies)
Fog icon.png (Fog)
Overcast icon.png (Overcast)
Rain icon.png (Rain)

Connections & Duties

Connection Coordinates
Limsa Lominsaicon.png Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (9-13, 9-10, 11-11)
Housingicon.png Mist (7-15)
Zoneicon.png Middle La Noscea (12-11)
Zoneicon.png Eastern La Noscea (7-15)
Zoneicon.png Western La Noscea (7-15)
Zoneicon.png Western Thanalan (3-12)
Hingashiicon.png Kugane (3-12)
Guild Coordinates
Fisherman's Guildicon.png Fisherman's Guild (7-14)
Arcanists' Guildicon.png Arcanists' Guild (4-11)
Rogues' Guildicon.png Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss (8-16) (Speak with Lonwoerd)

Zone Summary & Overview

Area NPCs Quests FATEs Levequests Hunting Log Targets Monsters Logging/Harvesting Mining/Quarrying Fishing Log Locations
Bulwark Hall 18 147

Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss 5 51

East Hawkers' Alley 15 23

Ferry Docks (Limsa Lominsa) 17 1

Fisherman's Bottom 18 23

Hawkers' Round 8 16

Limsa Lominsa Aetheryte Plaza 29

Lominsan Ferry Docks 6 50

Mealvaan's Gate 9 15

The Astalicia 3

The Octant 16 30

West Hawkers' Alley 20 12

Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks 160 404 3 1

Navigable Map

The OctantBulwark HallZephyr Gate (Limsa Lominsa)Hawkers' RoundEast Hawkers' AlleyWest Hawkers' AlleyMealvaan's GateFerry Docks (Limsa Lominsa)Fisherman's BottomLominsan Ferry DocksThe AstaliciaWestern La NosceaMistEastern La NosceaMiddle La NosceaWestern ThanalanKuganeLimsa Lominsa Upper DecksLimsa Lominsa Upper DecksLimsa Lominsa Upper DecksLimsa Lominsa Lower Decks cropped.png