A Done Deal

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Good on ye fer gathering all them supplies, lad. We've nearly everything we need to get started.
His are not the only efforts to be commended, Master Gerolt. Your diligence in researching how best to make use of all these materials was genuinely surprising.
Makin' sense of all them ancient texts about Bozja and the holy blade hurt me head somethin' fierce, if I'm to be honest.

If it makes me a better smith, though, I can't rightly complain. But more importantly, there's only one ingredient left that we need─crystals o' raw emotion.

And when the weapon's finished, that just leaves takin' it over to Regana's node to add the finishin' touches.

Ain't that right, Regana?
(We did everything right, yet still we have nothing to show for it. They've left me no choice... The contract must be renegotiated.)
...Yes? Oh, the Allagan node. Of course. After analyzing the recently discovered crystals, the Ironworks engineers had no trouble making the necessary adjustments.
<blip> <blip> Ready to begin parameter regulation sequence. But first, a word from our sponsors at Rowena's House of Splendors...
See? Everything is as it should be. Now if you will excuse me, there is some business I would attend to before we begin. Call me when everything is ready, would you?
Is it me or does she seem a bit distracted o' late?
Now that you mention it, she was acting rather strangely when her associates were present.
While the two of you see to work on the Resistance weapon, I will look into this business preoccupying Regana.
Right, then. I'll see to gettin' everything ready here. Time for you to get out there an' grab us some o' them, uh...
Bah, no need to be fancy about it, they are what they are─raw emotions. If ye need anythin' else, be sure to talk with Zoltron.
...You're not even trying anymore, are you? <sigh> Very well. Let us be about our tasks then, shall we?
...Was it Zalaton? No, there wasn't an “o” in it. Or was there? So help me gods, I'll remember his name, one way or another.
We are on the precipice of an achievement that matches, if not surpasses, the feats performed by our forebears. All that remains is a suitable number of these raw emotions to finish refining the Resistance weapon.
And by the time you return, I hope to have learned more of Regana's plans. Safe travels, Blade Surname.