A New Path of Resistance

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«The Resistance Remembers

Forged Anew»

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Who would have thought that the answer to our prayers would be found in ancient pottery of all places?

And thanks to the efforts of merchants countless years ago, such relics may be found far beyond the region in which they originated. Considering the present state of Bozja, being able to search for them in other locations may prove beneficial to us.

I say “us,” but I am afraid the task of procuring them must fall unto you, Blade Surname. Though I dare not ask why, Master Gerolt is quite confident that fifteen artifacts made from aetherial siltstone are likely to contain the requisite amount to coat your Resistance weapon. I trust you know better than I what ruins are worthy of exploration, so I will leave the rest to you. Safe travels.

Come to refine another Resistance weapon? Then we will have need of more aetherial siltstone.

After your last foray, I trust you know where best to search out the antiquities required, so I will say no more. The node will be ready and waiting for your return.

<blip> <blip> Unable to initiate aetherial siltstone extraction. Please insert artifacts.

<blip> Weapon not found. <blip> Please relinquish weapon to proceed with enhancement.

<blip> <blip> Please insert raw materials to begin aetherial siltstone extraction.

<blip> Scanning...
<blip> <blip> Aetherial siltstone detected. Please insert weapon.

<blip> Weapon detected. Preparing aetheroinsulation coating.

Weapon aether stabilized. <blip> Please select memories for desired attribute adjustment.

<blip> <blip> Scanning registry... Readying memories for extraction...

<blip> Applying aetheroinsulation coating...

<blip> <blip> Initiating aetheric memory infusion...
Well, I'll be damned. It worked!

I'll give the Allagan ball o' bolts credit─any smith worth their hammer'd be proud of a weapon as fine as this. I'll call 'em <Item Name Here>!

And what better to partner 'er with than <Paladin Shield Here>!

'Course if somethin' ain't right with 'em, tell it to the node, not me.
<blip> Warning. <blip> Warning.
Subsequent memory infusions require reapplication of aetheroinsulation coating.
Meaning Blade Surname would need to acquire more siltstone.
And there is no better place to procure said siltstone than Rowena's House of Splendors!

Our stalls are stocked with the finest relics, containing high concentrations of aetherial siltstone, which are certain to meet all your weapon forging needs. Visit your nearest House of Splendors representative today, and receive a discount on your first purchase! If quality is what you seek, then come to Mor Dhona and let Mistress Rowena add a touch of splendor to your life.

This advertisement was brought to you by Rowena's House of Splendors.
The House of Splendors is not responsible for damages, injury, or painful
death incurred through the use, misuse, or inability to use their products.

Offer is void in the void where prohibited or not prohibited.
Bloody hell... Is nothing safe from that money-grubbin' witch?

Guess I should count meself fortunate. 'Least I got to keep me name, unlike the rest o' her bloody underlings. <sigh> Though I reckon she'll come fer that too afore long...

Remember, lad─if somethin' ain't right with 'em, tell it to the node, not me.

<blip> Additional aetherial siltstone required for reapplication of aetheroinsulation coating. Artifacts from Rowena's House of Splendors recommended for maximum efficiency. <blip> House of Splendors representatives are standing by!
Hmm... That would certainly save you from the undue burden of traveling the world over in search of the requisite antiquities. Of course, that is to say nothing of the payment expected in return...
From what I gather, placing ourselves in their debt, financial or otherwise, would be ill-advised.