In Their Shadow

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Well come, Blade Surname. I see you've not been resting on your laurels since last we met.

We've secured a new outpost, and a barrier was erected over the site not long ago.

If you would follow me, I'll show you to our newest encampment. We've drawn perilously close to the Dalriada now, so be on your guard.
We are but a stone's throw from the Dalriada, much to the dismay of the IVth Legion, I would assume.

That their plans yet remain a mystery is concerning, but Master Garlond is confident in his countermeasures for any aerial assaults they may be plotting.

Victory is nearly at hand, Blade Surname, I can feel it!

There is no telling what manner of magitek weaponry the IVth Legion will employ in their desperation, but I have faith we will prevail in the end.