The Merchant of Komra

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I appreciate you letting me join you...and apologize for my earlier rudeness. Not to make an excuse, but it's been a trying time for us all.

Now, I've been pondering the ways in which I might contribute to the rebuilding effort. While I don't have many talents─not outside of those considered normal for a dwarf such as drinking, at any rate─people do say that I have the gift of the gab.

Using this gift, I've a mind to peddle wares in the outside world to earn coin to put towards our work. There's just one problem: at the moment, we don't have anything that would fetch a halfway decent price.

No, we need something more unusual and exotic than our grog and automata. And as I racked my beard for ideas, it came to me: what could be more unusual and exotic than objects from another world?

The machines have a base inside the crater, and I understand it's brimming with all manner of their paraphernalia. Such items are guaranteed to fetch a high price─we just need someone to venture in to retrieve them: you!
What will you say?
If you're not fussed about what I bring back... I'm not sure if they'd be worth that much...
As long as it's unusual, I'm confident I can spin a sales pitch for it. Oh yes, the coinbags of Eulmore would trip over themselves for such rare curios.

So just bring back the items, and leave the rest to me. Our coffers will be full before you know it!

How fares the search in the crater? Remember, I'm not fussed about what you bring back as long as it's unusual.
Back from the crater, are you? Come, come, show me what you were able to find.

Oho, strange and wonderous items, all! I'll examine everything closely before I attempt to peddle them, but these ought to be snapped up with nary a fuss.

My thanks for bringing these. Now I can do my little part for our village.

Ah, and before I forget, the chief was asking for you earlier. If you have a moment, do go and see what he wants.

The chief has been asking for you. If you have a moment, do go and see what he wants.

Ah, I was wondering when you would come by again.

The items you brought back last time are perfect, but I'm hoping to have more stock before I head to Eulmore to do my peddling.

Could I trouble you to go on another foray into the crater?

With just a few more items from the crater, I'll have enough stock to make it worth setting out to do my peddling. My thanks in advance.
There you are. Were you able to find anything else of interest?

Marvelous! With the addition of this little lot, I'm now ready to set forth!

If truth be told, I'm a little daunted by the prospect of going all the way to Eulmore. But if I have confidence in myself─and some grog is always good for that─I'm sure that all will be well.

Oh yes, I'll see to it our wares fetch the best coin they can, and prove to everyone that I'm worth more than the ale I can hold.

Thanks for all your help, my friend. I'll be fine from here, and you can let the chief know as much.