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Third Astral Era

c.5,000 YBC ~ 4,000 YBC

It was during this age that the Allagan Empire rose to power and flourished through all of Vylbrand, Aldenard, and even some of the northeast continent, until the end of the age.

Fourth Umbral Era

c.4,000 YBC ~ ? YBCUmbral Era of Earth

The events of this era saw the downfall of the Allag.

Fifth Astral Era

Around three millenia ago. This was the age of the Endless Frost. During this time, magic was discovered, born out of a need to survive the barren wasteland of snow and rime.

After the snows thawed, magic was used in myriad was and this led to the creation of Back Magic, with White Magic being created at the same time to keep its destructive power in check.

Legends say that it was at the end of this era that "a terrible blackness" filled the sky and descended, blocking out all light and darkening the hearts of men. A struggle for wealth and power among nations caused the collapse of all morality and chaos engulfed the land. The Twelve had no choice but to collapse the realm into a new umbral era.

Sixth Umbral Era

Legends say that in response to the chaos and destruction seen from the world of men at the end of the Fifth Astral Era, The Twelve drowned the world in a cleansing deluge, saying "Behold the power of pure water!" Much of Eorzea was destroyed.

Sixth Astral Era


  • The Sharlayan theologian, Lewphon, pens The Five Ages in an attempt to bring the disparate histories of Eorzea's cultures into one common thread. [1]

c. 572

  • The Hyur arrive in Eorzea for the first time from surrounding continents and islands, encroaching on land that once belonged entirely to the Elezen and beginning a conflict between them that would eventually split the Elezen into two clans.

872 (c.)

c. 1022

  • The Ixal choose to settle in the Twelveswood, known to them as Tinolqa. Worshipping Garuda, then known to them as the Empress of Birds, they eventually flourished so unchecked that they were banished by the elementals that govern the wood and relocated to Xelphatol. It is after this that they lose most of their feathers and capability for flight.

c. 1422

  • The Ixal finally realize their dream of returning to the skies, but through the invention of the dirigible, not on wings as they had hoped.

c. 1457

  • Nidhogg begins a period of slumber in Dravania that would last for about one hundred years.

c. 1472

  • Wood Wailer Captain Mistalle founds the Lancers' Guild, hoping to combine into one formulaic art the myriad of lance techniques brought to Gridania by spearmasters from all over Eorzea, many hoping to test themselves against the might of the famed Wailers.



  • The small city-state of Garlemald conquers the northlands with new magitek technology, successfully merging them into entity and consolidating this power as the foundation of the Garlean Empire.

1527 c.

c. 1537

c. 1540

c. 1552




Seventh Umbral Era


  • A Realm Reborn Begins


c.circa — An inexact year roughly around this time.