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Welcome to Eorzeapedia
A Final Fantasy XIV community site.
357,608 pages and 91,139 articles since June 2009

From the founders of FFXIclopedia - the most popular Final Fantasy XI resource, the hosts of the Pet Food Alpha and Limit Break Radio podcasts, and translation talent from JP Button, comes Eorzeapedia - a place to not only help develop what will become the premiere wiki for all things FFXIV, but a place to get all the latest FFXIV news and discuss the new world ready to explode with adventurers.

While accurate FFXIV game information will not be available for some time, now is the time to get the backbone of the wiki in place and optimized. Templates, skins, extensions, tooltips, etc. Now is the time to get these ideas fleshed out and running smoothly. If you are in doubt of what is needed, come and chat in the forums or IRC chat where the community can best discuss how to organize this new endeavor.
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