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Aetheryte Radio 8 Year Anniversary
August 18th will mark the 8 year anniversary of Aetheryte Radio, continuing our run as the longest running Final Fantasy XIV podcast! To mark the occasion (and because...
FFXIV Exceeds 10 Million Players and Begins Season Five of the Feast with Patch 4.06
There’s a lot happening with Final Fantasy XIV today! Patch 4.06 has arrived, bringing with it some job adjustments and other tweaks. Along with this patch, the Moonfire...
Square Enix Comments on FFXIV Price Changes for Brazilian and Russian Steam Users
Earlier today, an official statement was released on The Lodestone, discussing the recent price changes for Brazilian and Russian players using Steam. Previously, this unannounced price increase le...
FFXIV Content Creator Round-Up 8/7
It’s that time again! Let’s check out the latest releases from some Final Fantasy XIV Content Creators! SHOWS GATHER TOGETHER Episode 94 – Gross People Gather Together...
FFXIV Storms into PAX West 2017
Stormblood took us to the Far East, and now the FFXIV team heads west to attend PAX West 2017 in Seattle! We’ll be hosting a Battle Challenge for...
Yoshi-P’s Walk on Gaia Data Center Reveals New Info
Earlier this week, Final Fantasy XIV Director/Producer Naoki Yoshdia logged-on to the Gaia Data Center to play with players. During the broadcast, he was joined by Main Scenario...


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Mainquest1 Icon.png Beyond the Great Wall
Map56 Icon.png The Way of the Samurai
Map56 Icon.png Taking the Red
Red Mage Icon 1.png Red Mage
Samurai Icon 1.png Samurai


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