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{{5.0Stub}}{{ARR Infobox Quest
{{ARR Infobox Quest
|Patch = 5.05
|Patch = 5.05
|Index = 69196
|Index = 69196
|Name = Message in a Bottle
|Name = Message in a Bottle
|Type = Event Quest
|Section = Other Quests
|Type = Seasonal Events
|Subtype = Rising Events
|Event = The Rising (2019)
|Event = The Rising (2019)
|Icontype = 71221.png
|Icontype = 71221.png
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|Objectives =
|Objectives =
*Pick up scattered refuse on the beach.
*Pick up scattered refuse on the beach. 0/3
*Deliver the refuse to P'obyano.
*Deliver the refuse to {{NPCLink|P'obyano|6}}.
*Deliver the letter to Bran in Limsa Lominsa.
*Deliver [[Enigmatic Missive|the letter]] to {{NPCLink|Bran|2}} in {{GEOLink|the Aftcastle|Limsa Lominsa}}.
*Speak with the wandering minstrel in Ul'dah.
*Speak with the {{NPCLink|Name=Wandering Minstrel|wandering minstrel|6}} in {{GEOLink|Ruby Road Exchange|Ul'dah}}.
*Report to P'obyano at Bloodshore.
*Report to {{NPCLink|P'obyano|6}} at {{GEOLink|Bloodshore}}.
|EXPReward = 7410
|EXPReward = 7410
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|QuestReward 1 = Brave New Y'shtola
|QuestReward 1 = Brave New Y'shtola
|AchievementReward = At Sixes and Sevens
|Issuing NPC = P'obyano
|Issuing NPC = P'obyano

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The Rising Event Icon.png Lv. 30   Message in a Bottle

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
P'obyano: Eastern La Noscea - Bloodshore - Isle of Endless Summer (x:36.9, y:26.2)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Costa del Sol

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Brave New Y'shtola
026107.png At Sixes and Sevens
Edit Message in a Bottle's Miscellaneous Reward
Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
P'obyano would seek your aid in a matter of grave import.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
080113.png30Messages from Distant ShoresThe Rising Event Icon.png Messages from Distant Shores (Level 30)

Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
BranWandering Minstrel

  • An overworked and under-rested P'obyano has her hands full cleaning up after a revelrous Moonfire Faire, and your fortuitous arrival has afforded her the perfect opportunity to delegate one of the more menial tasks. Taking pity on the girl, you agree to assist in picking up various pieces of rubbish and refuse that have been unceremoniously dumped on the sparkling sands of Bloodshore. P'obyano thanks you for your offer of aid, and bids you return whatever you may find to her so that she might see it disposed of properly.

    ※Please note that you will be unable to complete this quest after the seasonal event has ended. For details, please check the Lodestone.
  • Thanks to your efforts, the beaches of Bloodshore are no longer blighted by the unsightly presence of empty bottles and assorted pieces of trash and refuse. Deliver the fruits of your labor to P'obyano, so that your inventory, too, might similarly be free of worthless junk.
  • P'obyano duly thanks you for your efforts and takes the rubbish you found on the beach into her possession, when her curiosity is immediately piqued by the presence of a bottle containing a message. She promptly extracts and reads the largely illegible missive, which appears to be writ with a grim prophecy. Concerned that another calamity may be impending, P'obyano pleads with you to deliver the letter to her friend Bran in Limsa Lominsa, a reporter for the Harbor Herald who specializes in such matters.
  • You present the mysterious missive to Bran, who immediately identifies the letter as having been penned by none other than a certain wandering minstrel of some renown, and the words themselves as having been excerpted from the seventh verse of Mezaya Thousand Eyes's Divine Chronicles. At a loss for what this all means, the veteran gazetteer proposes that the two of you pay a visit to the enigmatic musician in Ul'dah and question him to see what information you might glean.
  • Arriving in Ul'dah, you and Bran quickly locate the minstrel, who genially acquiesces to your request for an interview─provided it is conducted on his terms─and proceeds to enlighten you as to the nature of the letter. As he tells it, it actually dates back to before the Calamity, when the minstrel and his adventurer friends were endeavoring to spread the word about the impending destruction far and wide across the land. As for why it has found its way to you years later, however, he cannot say. Moved to song, he begins to play an ode on his harp, but the song has only begun when you are whisked away to a curious pocket of time and space. There, you are greeted by a man bearing an uncanny resemblance to the minstrel, who introduces himself by the unusual name of “Naoki Yoshida.” He thanks you for the countless heroic deeds you have performed in Eorzea, and shares with you his own feelings of deep fondness for the realm you call home. Leaving you with a cryptic message suggesting that his unseen companions also wish to share words of gratitude with you by other means, he bids you farewell. In the next moment, you find yourself regaining your senses beside Bran and the minstrel, who has just finished what─judging from Bran's reaction─appears to have been a truly memorable performance. After the reporter rushes from the scene to begin penning his latest and greatest story, you share a reflective moment with the minstrel as you watch a spectacular fireworks display in the heavens above the sultanate. Your work done for today, you set out for Bloodshore to share news of all that has happened with P'obyano.
  • Back at Bloodshore, P'obyano is relieved to hear that the ominous letter is years old, and that no Calamity or catastrophe is impending. She then explains that, in a rather curious development, more and more message bottles have been washing up on the shore ever since you left. Should you be curious as to the contents, you are free to assist her in retrieving them, a job for which she would be happy to compensate you with tokens exchangeable for a host of seasonal specialties.

Well, if it isn't the shining star who set so many hearts aflame with his high-flying feats at the Moonfire Faire! Thanks in no small part to your contributions, we were able to close the curtain on this year's festivities in style.

Well, hello there! I do believe we met once at a Moonfire Faire of years past, did we not? If you've come for this year's festivities, I'm afraid to say they've already drawn to a close.

Well, hello there! An adventurer, I take it? If you've come looking to take part in this year's Moonfire Faire, I'm afraid to say the festivities have already drawn to a close.

Though the revelry and rejoicing may have ended, needless to say there's still plenty of work left to be done. Speaking of which, would you be averse to lending a fatigued festival attendant a helping hand?
While we were favored with spectacular crowds again this year, I fear that comes with an unfortunate aftereffect. Which is to say, this beautiful beach remains cluttered with an unsightly amount of rubbish and refuse─much more so than I could ever hope to gather up on my own.

While I realize this is a rather trivial task to impose upon an adventurer of your stature, would you be so kind as to help me tidy up a bit? It really would mean everything to me.

Should you find any discarded items, simply return them here to me. I will sort through them and see that they are disposed of in a proper fashion.

Oh, hello again, friend. My aching back is forever in your debt for your help. Should you find any scattered pieces of refuse along the beach, simply bring them to me, and I will take care of the rest.
Welcome back! I can already see that the beach is looking cleaner for your efforts. I would be happy to take any of the discarded items you picked up off your hands.

Thank you, friend. We truly appreciate your efforts. After all, it just wouldn't do to launch the celebratory fireworks over a beach littered with jetsam and junk.

Well, now. What have we here? This appears to be an ordinary bottle, but...is this a letter inside? How curious. Why, I do believe I'll take a closer look!
Ne'er till land...Heavens spew crimson...seep black dooms...Stray seeds...Valiant...
...It's no use. The ink is smudged in so many places, deciphering the letter in full is all but impossible. That said, all this talk of heavens spewing crimson and seeping black dooms─it isn't very pleasant, is it?

Wait, I just had a thought! What if this is a message─a warning of sorts─intended to help us forestall an impending calamity!?

Perhaps I'm overthinking this, but better safe than sorry, wouldn't you say? Why, I've half a mind to take off immediately to investigate further myself! ...Sadly, I still have another half of a beach here to clean.

Please, might you be so kind as to look into the letter on my behalf? My friend Bran in Limsa Lominsa─he's a veteran reporter for the venerable Harbor Herald─just happens to be an expert on cryptic poems and prophecies. I'm sure he'd be able to tell you something about it!
I'm terribly sorry to burden you with yet another menial task like this, but the fate of the realm may very well be at stake! And wherever this leads, I promise to compensate you properly for your labors. Safe travels, friend!
Have you spoken to Bran yet? If there's anyone out there who can help us decipher the letter's mysteries, it's him!
Well, slap me silly with a harbor herring! If it isn't the adventurer who tossed a few bread crumbs to this gaz when he was just a little bird learnin' to take wing. Tell me─what brings you back to Bran's huntin' grounds?

Something I can do for you, stranger? If you've business with Bran, best state it quickly. This gaz has leads to follow and incidents to investigate.

P'obyano's wonderin' about this letter, you say? Well, you couldn't have come to a better place! Hand it over, my good man, and let Bran see what he can't glean for you!

Did Bran know it or did Bran know it!? There's no mistakin' these chocobo scratches. This is the quillmanship of none other than that rovin' minstrel of no small repute!
As for the content of the letter, why, it's none other than a particularly portentous passage from the seventh verse of the Divine Chronicles, as writ by Mezaya Thousand Eyes so many years ago. If you'd care to hear it, ol' Bran'd be happy to perform a dramatic readin' of the full words.

Ne'er till land consumes sun can sea bear moons, Heavens spew crimson flame, hells seep black dooms.

Stray seeds quicken in ash's grey embrace.

Valiant blades forged under the Twelve's good grace.
Pretty ominous to say the least, no? But I wouldn't be worryin' overmuch. Scholars posit that this was a prophecy foretellin' the Seventh Umbral Calamity, which as we all know has come and long since gone─and thank the Twelve for that.

As for why our minstreling friend saw fit to scribble this down, bottle it and toss it into the sea─well, why don't we saunter on over to Ul'dah and ask the good man himself? After all, what with it being the Rising and all, it's as good an occasion as any to reflect 'pon the rebirth of our realm.

The man himself, in the flesh! This gaz has prepared a host of juicy questions, and I can only hope he's inclined to answer them all!
Bran's decided to interview the wandering minstrel, you say? Why, that sounds positively fascinating! It's enough to make me want to pick up and join you myself. Unfortunately, if I even thought of leaving this rubbish-littered beach before my job is through, I'd be in hot water, to say the least.
Well met, my friends. Might I interest you in a song?
...Oho. An interview with the Harbor Herald, you say? You do this humble minstrel a great honor. I would be happy to oblige, but be forewarned─there may be matters which I am not at liberty to divulge.
But of course! Anythin' and everythin' you'd be willin' to tell me and my colleague here, ol' Bran would be nothin' but 'ppreciative!
Well, my friends. I must say, this brings me back a ways. I did indeed scribe this letter many, many years ago. Before the Calamity described therein came to pass.

With disaster looming nigh, I sojourned in a small farming village just a stone's throw from Bloodshore. Near what is now Costa del Sol, though none called it by that name in those times.

I spent night and day penning countless letters identical to this one. I placed each one in a bottle and cast them into the sea, in hopes of warning Eorzeans far and wide about the realm's impending doom. Many of my adventurer acquaintances assisted me in the task.

To think that one of those letters would find its way to you after so many years. Yes, fate works in mysterious ways...
Why, yes...I do believe that my muse stirs within me. If you might indulge me for a moment...
Greetings, Warrior of Light. You needn't be alarmed.

This is a world that exists outside your reality. Could it be a dream? A flight of fancy conjured by your weary mind? Perhaps...or perhaps not.

It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Naoki Yoshida, and you have my most heartfelt thanks for gracing this world with your presence, and your deeds of surpassing courage and valor.

It's a pleasure to welcome you here again, old friend. Or shall I call you...the Warrior of Darkness? In any event, it's been quite the adventure we've shared, you and I.
Oh, how the years have flown by since I crossed the rift to this world. I trust that your adventures here yet stir your heart and nourish your soul?

We are still here, just as ever, scribing the events that will go down in the history of this vast realm. A job, of course, that we could not do were it not for your extraordinary exploits.

One might even say that just as you have embarked on your adventures, we have also been on adventure of our own.

Each adventure brings meetings and partings, and countless trials that must be overcome. The task is never an easy one, but at journey's end, we emerge stronger, more enlightened, and closer to the individuals we want to be.
For this reason, and many more, this world─this world we share with you─is near and dear to our hearts as nothing else could be.

And so I will remain here, singing of your great deeds. Those that have come to pass and those that are yet a dream. And together, we will tell a tale that will live on long after we are gone.

...Now, the time has come for this vision to end; time for your eyes to open from this waking dream.

In truth, there are others who have messages they wish to share with you. But do not worry─we shall find a way.
Ever will we be watching over you. Guide the realm unto peace and happiness, Warrior of Darkness. Till next we meet...
Ever will we be watching over you. Guide the realm unto peace and happiness, hero of Eorzea. Till next we meet...
What a song! Why, that has to be the most mellifluous, movin' composition that I've ever heard! You've outdone yourself this time, my minstrelin' friend!
Why, I'd best get back to the Herald and put pen to parchment before I go forgettin' the words! Be seein' you, friend, and tell P'obyano the greatest gaz in Limsa sends his regards!
The Calamity took much from us, but Eorzea rose from the rubble and ashes to stand as strong today as ever she has. And to you, whose courage and devotion will see our realm to an even brighter tomorrow, I dedicate this song...

O hero of rebirth traversing,♪
Heal you this scarred land.♪
Lay bare cloistered truths and tame the skies,♪
Let azure guide your hand.♪

O hero of rebirth traversing,♪
Break you the tyrants' bonds.♪
Embrace your sin and chase the light,♪
To darkness a world will dawn.♪
When the Calamity razed this land, the Eorzea we once knew was lost to us forever. And yet, the realm as it once was lives on to this day in the hearts of those who call it home.

So it is that in this season of remembrance, my thoughts turn to those who are with us no more, and to the world that they left behind. For it is truly knowing and understanding our past that allows us to stride confidently toward our future.

While we can never regain all that was lost to us, we can remember─and let those memories give us the strength to forge our way to a brighter tomorrow. This is why we observe the Rising.
Oh, there you are! I was wondering when you'd be back. Was Bran able to help you puzzle out the meaning of that ominous missive?

A years-old message to warn the people of the Seventh Umbral Calamity, you say? Phew! And here I was worried we were facing our impending doom all over again!

At any rate, I owe you something for going above and beyond the call of duty for me today! This might not be much, but please take it with my most sincere gratitude.

Speaking of which...it's the strangest thing. Ever since you left, we've had more and more of those bottles come floating in with the tide. I'm pleased to say that this time the words are not ominous in the least─and judging from the penmanship, it would seem that they come from a variety of senders.
Yes, messages in bottles seem to be all the rage these days. Which would be all well and good if I weren't stuck with the task of keeping these sands shiny and spotless.

...Which gives me an idea. If you're curious about the contents of the letters, perhaps you'd be willing to help me pick a few of them up? I'll even throw in a token provided by the festival authorities for each bottle you bring to me!

What are the tokens good for, you ask? Why, they can be exchanged for a veritable bounty of simply delightful seasonal goods with the Rising vendor. Take my word for it─it'd be more than worth your while!
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