Mining: Saint Fathric's Temple

Miner Icon 1.pngMining: Saint Fathric's Temple
Il Mheg - Voeburtenburg - Saint Fathric's Temple ((29.9-20.4)) (Legendary Mineral Deposit)
Mining Node
Possible Bonuses:

  Perception < 1840 ➜ Gathering Fortune 0%

Il Mheg Mining Nodes:
Mining: Sextuplet Shallow
Mining: The Bookman's Shelves
Slot Item   Gathering Information Location Requirements
7 Prismstone Icon.png NewThis item can be gathered as a collectable.Prismstone
Miner icon.png
Node Level/Type: 80 Legendary (4 AM/PM)
Gathering Level: 80
Perception Bonus:
Il Mheg
Voeburtenburg - Saint Fathric's Temple (31.4-18.8)
Tome of Geological Folklore - Norvrandt