Moogle Treasure Trove

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Sidequest1 Icon.pngMoogle Treasure Trove - 2019
Event Timeline:
Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 1:00 a.m. to TBD  (Source)
Moogle Treasure Trove (2019) Event Header.png

In recent years, demand from collectors and historians has led to a surge of adventurers seeking tomestones, those mysterious relics of the Allagan Empire made to record and keep its secrets. Some small number of the artifacts, unique for the peculiar sort of knowledge contained within, have piqued the interest of the eccentric─in particular, itinerant moogles, who come bearing rare goods of their own to exchange for these "irregular" tomestones.
Aithon Whistle Icon.png Aithon Whistle
Alexander Prime Card Icon.png Alexander Prime Card
Answers Orchestrion Roll Icon.png Answers Orchestrion Roll
Baby Brachiosaur Icon.png Baby Brachiosaur
Bomb Palanquin Horn Icon.png Bomb Palanquin Horn
Boreas Whistle Icon.png Boreas Whistle
Brute Justice Card Icon.png Brute Justice Card
Calofisteri Card Icon.png Calofisteri Card
Central Shroud Riding Map Icon.png Central Shroud Riding Map
Central Thanalan Riding Map Icon.png Central Thanalan Riding Map
Coerthas Central Highlands Riding Map Icon.png Coerthas Central Highlands Riding Map
Coming Home Orchestrion Roll Icon.png Coming Home Orchestrion Roll
Construct 8 Icon.png Construct 8
Demimateria of the Inferno Icon.png Demimateria of the Inferno
Direwolf Whistle Icon.png Direwolf Whistle
Drake Horn Icon.png Drake Horn
Eastern La Noscea Riding Map Icon.png Eastern La Noscea Riding Map
Eastern Thanalan Riding Map Icon.png Eastern Thanalan Riding Map
East Shroud Riding Map Icon.png East Shroud Riding Map
Elbst Horn Icon.png Elbst Horn
Herklaedi Icon.png Herklaedi
Hjalmr Icon.png Hjalmr
Inferno Horn Icon.png Inferno Horn
Irregular Tomestone of Philosophy Icon.png Irregular Tomestone of Philosophy
Laurel Goobbue Horn Icon.png Laurel Goobbue Horn
Lower La Noscea Riding Map Icon.png Lower La Noscea Riding Map
Magic Bucket Icon.png Magic Bucket
MGP Platinum Card Icon.png MGP Platinum Card
Middle La Noscea Riding Map Icon.png Middle La Noscea Riding Map
Mor Dhona Riding Map Icon.png Mor Dhona Riding Map
Namazu Earring Icon.png Namazu Earring
Northern Thanalan Riding Map Icon.png Northern Thanalan Riding Map
North Shroud Riding Map Icon.png North Shroud Riding Map
Outer La Noscea Riding Map Icon.png Outer La Noscea Riding Map
Pegasus Colt Icon.png Pegasus Colt
Pegasus Whistle Icon.png Pegasus Whistle
Rose Lanner Whistle Icon.png Rose Lanner Whistle
Seemingly Special Timeworn Map Icon.png Seemingly Special Timeworn Map
Sleipnir Barding Icon.png Sleipnir Barding
Smoulder Orchestrion Roll Icon.png Smoulder Orchestrion Roll
Southern Thanalan Riding Map Icon.png Southern Thanalan Riding Map
South Shroud Riding Map Icon.png South Shroud Riding Map
Toy Alexander Icon.png Toy Alexander
Upper La Noscea Riding Map Icon.png Upper La Noscea Riding Map
Western La Noscea Riding Map Icon.png Western La Noscea Riding Map
Western Thanalan Riding Map Icon.png Western Thanalan Riding Map
White Lanner Whistle Icon.png White Lanner Whistle
Wind-up Calofisteri Icon.png Wind-up Calofisteri
Yiazmat Card Icon.png Yiazmat Card
Zantetsuken Icon.png Zantetsuken

How to Participate

  • Using the Undersized Party Option
  • Joining a Party in Progress
Objectives that Award Three Irregular Tomestones of Philosophy
Castrum Meridianum, The Praetorium
Objectives that Award Two Irregular Tomestones of Philosophy
The Labyrinth of the Ancients, Syrcus Tower, The World of Darkness
Objectives that Award One Irregular Tomestones of Philosophy
The Tam-Tara Deepcroft, Copperbell Mines, The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak, The Sunken Temple of Qarn, The Stone Vigil