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| Images =  
| Images = Orghana Spawn Map.jpg{{!}}Spawn locations map from [http://cablemonkey.us/huntmap2/ Cablemonkey]
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| Etymology =  
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| Notes =

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Question mark stub.pngOrghana  Zoneicon.pngHuntmobicon.png
Level 70
HP 23,533,185
The Xaela of these lands have a custom wherein we carve the histories of our greatest heroes and warriors into stone reliefs. The chuluu of the hero Orghana is an embodiment of his life's journey. So much so, that the stone itself wanders the steppes, seeking to emulate the story carved upon its surface. Orghana, a son of the Himaa, was said to have had a twin sister. And one of our most famous tales concerns the vengeance he wrought upon his sibling's killers... - Jaliqai
Zone Level Drops Notes
The Azim Steppe  70 Cracked Cluster Icon.png Cracked Cluster Aggressive.png
The Hunt (1)
Hunt: Orghana
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