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|| {{Information Needed}}
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|| 7
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|| {{star}}{{star}}{{star}}{{star}}{{star}}{{star}}{{star}}
|| Avoid a fight
|| Avoid a fight

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Parley is an ability granted to players upon completion of their rank 15 main quests available in their respective city-states. Once activated players are able to use Parley with certain NPCs. Items are traded to NPCs and a mini game starts. If the player is successful in the mini game they are rewarded with items, information, and possibly greater rewards than offered when the Parley is first started. Rewards are based on the item used to begin the parley.

The Parley Game Screen

File:Parley board.PNG
The Parley game screen.
  • Score Bar (Far Left): Shows your current score. A line on the bar indicates the score needed to win, and gold dots above the bar indicate your potential winnings (which increase or decrease based on your score), depending on the NPC). Your score cannot exceed the maximum value of the score bar, no matter how many points you would earn on a play.
  • Time Bar (Top center): Shows the time remaining for you to make a move. Your turn is forfeited if the time bar runs out.
  • Topic detail (Below time bar): Describes the topic currently highlighted by your cursor/mouse pointer.
  • Game Board(Below topic detail):The 4x3 grid of panels containing the available parley topics. The numbers on each panel indicate that topic's point value.
  • Ability button(Below game board): Function currently unknown. No abilities are yet known to exist.
  • Topic History (Below game board): Shows up to the last 6 topics previously selected by you.
  • Parley status (Not shown; Top center of screen): Shows the objective of the current parley or the quest for which you are parleying, as well as the current turn over the total number of turns for the game.


A grid of 12 panels is randomly populated with icons representing various topics of debate. On each icon is a point value. You and the NPC take turns raising topics by selecting panels. Each panel earns you the point value on the panel.

Each topic chosen by the opponent takes away the point value on that panel. If multiple panels in the same row or column share the same topic, you can raise the same topic multiple times in one turn, earning you more points; Likewise, your opponent can cause you to lose more points by doing the same. A meter on the left side of the board tallies the score. To win, the score meter must remain above the line marked on the bar.

After each turn, panels move from the right to the left to fill the gaps and then the empty panels are repopulated with new ones. Each game lasts a certain number of turns depending on the NPC. It is important to note that the board wraps around. Panels on oppsite ends of the same row or column are considered to be adjacent.

There is an Ability button on the game board, but it is grayed out and its function is currently unknown.

The difficulty of the game is determined by the NPC and the item you offer to initiate the Parley. For some NPCs, the difficulty may vary.

As of the November 25, 2010 version update, you and the parley target will use various motions as they take their turns. This appears to be simply a visual addition to indicate a debate/discussion is taking place.


Upon taking your last turn, if the score bar is above the line, you win. You get back whatever item you offered to initiate the game, and you receive whatever was in the "Desired" field before starting the game (usually 1 more of the same item you initiated with). If you lose, you get nothing and lose the item you offered.

When you are winning and make a good play, your "winnings may increase." The NPC may award you additional items or information.

List of Parleyable NPCs

General NPCs

NPC & location Turns Difficulty Offer item Desired Reward
Baterich, Ul'dah (7-4) 5 Varies-
★ to ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Tin Ore Tin Ore
Beeswax Beeswax
Fang Earring Fang Earring
Hempen Inner Tunic Hempen Inner Tunic
Aubrenard, Gridania (7-4) 5 Varies-
★ to ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Maple Branch Maple Branch
Willow Lumber Willow Lumber
Sheepskin Knee Pads Sheepskin Knee Pads
??? ???
Ansgor, Limsa Lominsa (6-5) 5 Varies-
★ to ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Orange Juice Orange Juice
Tiger Cod Tiger Cod
Bronze Gladius Bronze Gladius
Copper Buckle Copper Buckle

Quest NPCs

Quest NPC Turns Difficulty Reward / Effect
She Walks in Beauty
Disconcerted Miner 7 ★★★ Adorable Miner Sketch (Quest Item)
Sprightly Miner 7 ★★★ Dashing Miner Sketch (Quest Item)
Melancholy Miner 7 ★★★ Graceful miner sketch + Ideal miner sketch after completing all 3
Dance the Night Away
Cicely Information Needed Information Needed Information Needed
Nesta Information Needed Information Needed Information Needed
Keelty Information Needed Information Needed Information Needed
Miounne Information Needed Information Needed Information Needed
Designer Imposters
Vielle 7 ★★★★★★★★★ Convince Vielle of your talents as a Leatherworker
Toll of the Warden
(Main Scenario)
Information Needed 7 ★★★★★★★ Avoid a fight