Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance Icon.pngQuality Assurance
Slightly increases chances of material condition becoming Good.
Acquired: Alchemist Icon 1.png Alchemist (Lv: 63)
Armorer Icon 1.png Armorer (Lv: 63)
Blacksmith Icon 1.png Blacksmith (Lv: 63)
Carpenter Icon 1.png Carpenter (Lv: 63)
Culinarian Icon 1.png Culinarian (Lv: 63)
Goldsmith Icon 1.png Goldsmith (Lv: 63)
Leatherworker Icon 1.png Leatherworker (Lv: 63)
Weaver Icon 1.png Weaver (Lv: 63)
Reward from Quests (8)
Quest Level
Eastern Apprentice 63
Gemworks in Progress 63
Mounting Expectations 63
Rice to the Occasion 63
The Butterfly Effect 63
The Client Is King 63
The Forbidden Blade 63
The Game of Confidence 63