Quick Exploration

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Upon reaching level 10, retainers can undertake quick exploration ventures. Retainers assigned to quick exploration will always come back with a single item, which will remain unknown until the venture is completed. The amount of experience earned will vary depending on the item found. Your retainer's stats (either Gathering or their Average Item Level) will also determine the goods found, with some items only being found at very high stats. Quick Exploration has the largest list of items available as a reward, including many from 1.x that aren't obtainable anymore!

The below list are of those items unique to Quick Exploration.

Level Venture Duration EXP Venture Cost Gear Stats Unique Items
Lv. 10-50 Quick Exploration 1h Variable 2 Variable Alesone's SongbowBlessed RingChiran Zabran's TempestExplorer's BreechesExplorer's CalotExplorer's TabardGeneral-purpose Dark Blue DyeGeneral-purpose Dark Brown DyeGeneral-purpose Dark Green DyeGeneral-purpose Dark Purple DyeGeneral-purpose Dark Red DyeGeneral-purpose Jet Black DyeGeneral-purpose Metallic Blue DyeGeneral-purpose Metallic Gold DyeGeneral-purpose Metallic Green DyeGeneral-purpose Metallic Purple DyeGeneral-purpose Metallic Red DyeGeneral-purpose Metallic Silver DyeGeneral-purpose Metallic Sky Blue DyeGeneral-purpose Pastel Blue DyeGeneral-purpose Pastel Green DyeGeneral-purpose Pastel Pink DyeGeneral-purpose Pastel Purple DyeGeneral-purpose Pure White DyeKoala JoeyMage's ChaussesMage's Rope BeltOnion DoubletOnion GaskinsOnion PattensPeregrine HelmRed Onion HelmRetainer FantasiaStonewall Ring