Rattle and Humbaba

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Map65 Icon.png Lv. 68   Rattle and Humbaba    30m
Zone: The Peaks - Wightrock - Goodblade (15.5-30.5)
Life in the Peaks can be downright difficult, but the people of the J tribe somehow manage with what little they have. Yet, when what little they have is constantly being stolen by a heartless brute by the name of Humbaba, that is simply salt in their wounds. The J seek a champion that might ease their pain.
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Conditional Reward
Ala Mhigan Barding Icon.png (Gold) 
Achievement Rewarded
002629.png What You're Looking For
World: Hydaelyn
Landmass: Aldenard
Region: Gyr Abania
Zone: The Peaks
Area: Wightrock
Landmark: Goodblade
Coordinates: 15.5-30.5
Level: 68
Type: Notorious Monster
Required Status: Spawns after Mouth For Water
Fate Chain: 2/2