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When your equipment's Condition wears down from use, it becomes less effective. To restore your equipment's condition and effectiveness, you will need to repair it. There are two ways of doing this.

Simple Repairs

NPCs available in various locatons can repair your equipped items for gil with the price based on the strength of the item and its Condition. However, they can only repair items to a maximum of 75% of the max Wear of an item. That said, this option is easy and does not require any special items. NPCs cannot repair jewelry and accessories. Goldsmithing is required for these items.

NPC City Location
Braitognieux Limsa Lominsa (Lower Decks) (5-5) West Hawkers' Alley
Gogorano Ul'dah (6-3) near Chocobo Stables
Meara Gridania (3-8) Ebony Stalls

Disciple of the Hand Repairs

To repair items fully, you must use a Disciple of the Hand class that is atleast 10 levels lower than your weapon and crafting materials to perform the repairs. The class needed is dependent on the type of item. If the item was crafted, use the same craft used to make the item. If it's not, you can determine the needed craft by examining the item in your inventory and looking at the required materials.

Items must be not equipped to repair them. Select the item in your inventory, then press the repair button in the item information window. You'll perform the repair as long as you are on the correct class and have the repair materials. Repairs either succeed or not, and do not go through the usual synthesis process.

The repair NPCs listed above can give you facility access to increase the success rate of repairs.

  • It is worth noting that Undergarments and Undershirts cannot be unequipped and the only way to repair them is to equip another in their place or use simple repairs.


Guide:Fix It! Telsia's Guide to Repairing

This item was modified in the 2010/11/25 Patch. Smallclothes now no longer wear, and can not be repaired. Repairs sometimes do not consume the repair material.