Revelry in Rivalry

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{{Infobox Quest | Name = Revelry in Rivalry | Previous Quest = The Big Payback | Next Quest = Law and the Order

| Description = The second quest of the Thaumaturge Quest line. | Issuing NPC = Yayake | Zone = Ul'dah | Coordinates = | Minimum Rank = 30 | Required Class = Thaumaturge | Items Required = | Type = Fight

| Reward = 30,000 Gil
3,000 Thaumaturges' Guild Marks

| Walkthrough = * Speak with Yayake in Ul'dah's Arrzaneth Ossuary and accept the quest.

  • Exit the city and go to (20,26) in Lower La Noscea. Select yes when Duty Calls (Note: the target location is a very small area- you may have to feel around a little to get the prompt).
  • You will enter a battlefield instance. A bomb, Ignus Fattus will be attacking a Bizzare Blacksmith who will be running around the instanced area. Defeat it to win.
  • The NPC will take damage from the bomb's attacks. The mob will perodically go after the NPC even while you attack it. It is assumed that battle is lost if the NPC is [[K.O.'d[[.

| Journal Entries = Yakake has charged you with the task of traveling to Limsa Lominsa to sell graves and burial plots within the Ossuary to the citizenry there. Speak to the other thaumaturges to learn what you can of peddling graves.

You have made your first rival in the guild, a Lalafellin novice being sent to Ishgard to sell graves in the same manner as you. She departs after boasting of being the better thaumaturge and assuring you she will sell more graves. Make preparations for your journey and set out to the west for Limsa Lominsa.

Deciphering the speech of Baderon, you learn that the smiths of Naldiq & Vymelli's have been known to purchase graves from the Ossuary in the past. But you must first do them some kindness before they are like [sic] to hear you out. Baderon shares that he has recieved word of a smith being attacked just beyond the city moments prior to your arrival. Hurry to the smith's aid in Lower La Noscea and save her to ingratiate yourself with her guild.

You have saved the imperiled smith from the beast which threatened to ravage her. Return to Naldiq & Vymelli's with the news and see if there is a grave to be sold out of gratitude.

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