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*Wolves Den        {{!}} Base: '''Feeble'''    {{!}} Bonus: '''Faint'''
*Wolves Den        {{!}} Base: '''Feeble'''    {{!}} Bonus: '''Faint'''
*Map (Alexandrite)  {{!}} Base: '''Faint'''    {{!}} Bonus: '''None'''
*Map (Alexandrite)  {{!}} Base: '''Faint'''    {{!}} Bonus: '''None'''
*Turn 4            {{!}} Base: '''Faint'''    {{!}} Bonus: '''Gentle'''
*Turn 2, 4            {{!}} Base: '''Faint'''    {{!}} Bonus: '''Gentle'''
*Primal (HM)        {{!}} Base: '''Faint'''    {{!}} Bonus: '''Gentle'''
*Primal (HM)        {{!}} Base: '''Faint'''    {{!}} Bonus: '''Gentle'''
*Primal (EX)        {{!}} Base: '''Gentle'''    {{!}} Bonus: '''Steady'''
*Primal (EX)        {{!}} Base: '''Gentle'''    {{!}} Bonus: '''Steady'''
*Turn 1, 2, 5      {{!}} Base: '''Gentle'''    {{!}} Bonus: '''Steady'''
*Turn 1, 5      {{!}} Base: '''Gentle'''    {{!}} Bonus: '''Steady'''
*Second Coil        {{!}} Base: '''Gentle'''  {{!}} Bonus: '''None'''
*Second Coil        {{!}} Base: '''Gentle'''  {{!}} Bonus: '''None'''
*Any ARR Levelling Dungeon    {{!}} Base: '''Steady''' {{!}} Bonus: '''Forceful'''
*Any ARR Levelling Dungeon    {{!}} Base: '''Steady''' {{!}} Bonus: '''Forceful'''

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This walkthrough was originally written during Patch 2.51. The values in-game (total resonance needed and amount received per activity) have been drastically reduced since Heavensward's release. The information below is left in its original form for archival purposes, with the exception of the values that were changed (the numbers) are in italics to attempt to show that what's listed here might be different from in-game. Players wishing to complete this quest can still use this walkthrough as an outline, but are asked to remember that the exact numbers have been changed drastically so one should not need to plan an entire day around completing this step.
Completing one normal dungeon with the 'bonus' amount of resonance is enough to complete 1 Mahatma, 3 lvl50 EX Trials is enough too (without a bonus).

  • Paladins only need to affix mahatma to Excalibur. Increasing the soul resonance of Excalibur to maximum will have the same effect on the Aegis Shield.

After completing Rise and Shine, you will need to acquire soul resonance from completing certain activities with mahatma affixed to your Zodiac Weapon.

If this is not your first Zodiac weapon then you will not need to complete this quest. You can proceed directly to Remon in Swiftperch to begin the mahatma stage.

Each mahatma costs 50 Poetics from Remon in Swiftperch, and only one mahatma can be attached at a time.

You will need 500 soul resonance to complete each mahatma. Upon completing certain activities, you will get a notice about how much soul resonance was obtained (for example, "Your Zodiac Weapon pulses gently with a sense of assertion.")

Feeble: 50 soul resonance
Faint: 100 soul resonance
Gentle: 200 soul resonance
Steady: 300 soul resonance
Forceful: 600 soul resonance
Nigh Sings: 800 soul resonance

By using Zodiac Glass item obtained from the Mmmmmm, Soulglazed Relics quest, you can check on the total soul resonance glazed onto your weapon. If you misplaced your Zodiac glass, you may obtain a replacement by speaking with Drake at Hyrstmill.

As you progress in tiers, the weapon image will change by increasing in soul resonance.

No Sense: 0 - 49
Indistinct Sense: 50-99
Faint Sense: 100-149
Slight Sense: 150-199
Modest Sense: 200-249
Distinct Sense: 250-299
Robust Sense: 300-349
Vigorous Sense: 350-399
Intense Sense: 400-449
Extreme Sense: 450-499
Full Soul Resonance: 500+ (Complete) (Updated on 14/03/2021)

Soul resonance is collected by participating in a fate, dungeon, raid, pvp, or trial. Each event produces a base amount of soul resonance and can receive a bonus to increase the amount of soul resonance produced. Soul resonance production bonuses last for a two hour window. Not all events will receive a soul resonance production bonus during this time. At the end of the window, event bonuses will change. All events that are started during this window will receive the bonus upon completion, even if completion occurs after the change in windows. Windows and bonuses are the same across all servers.

Soul Resonance Values By Event:

  • FATE | Base: Feeble | Bonus: None
  • Wolves Den | Base: Feeble | Bonus: Faint
  • Map (Alexandrite) | Base: Faint | Bonus: None
  • Turn 2, 4 | Base: Faint | Bonus: Gentle
  • Primal (HM) | Base: Faint | Bonus: Gentle
  • Primal (EX) | Base: Gentle | Bonus: Steady
  • Turn 1, 5 | Base: Gentle | Bonus: Steady
  • Second Coil | Base: Gentle | Bonus: None
  • Any ARR Levelling Dungeon | Base: Steady | Bonus: Forceful
  • Any ARR Lv50 Dungeon | Base: Gentle | Bonus: Steady
  • Frontlines | Base: Steady | Bonus: Forceful
  • Labyrinth of the Ancients | Base: Gentle | Bonus: Steady
  • Syrcus Tower | Base: Forceful | Bonus: Nigh Sings
  • World of Darkness | Base: Forceful | Bonus: Nigh Sings

(Updated on 14/03/2021)

Once you have obtained 500 soul resonance, return to Remon and obtain a new mahatma.

Once you have used all twelve varieties of mahatma and increased the soul resonance to the point of awakening, return to Jalzahn.