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|Patch = 2.0
|Patch = 2.0
|Guildleve Type = Unity
|Guildleve Type = Unity
|Levequest Type = Battlecraft
|Levequest Type = Grand Company
|Leve Duration = 20
|Leve Duration = 20
|Levequest Location = Costa del Sol
|Levequest Location = Costa del Sol

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Levequest1 Icon.png
 Lv. 30   Road Worriers
The Maelstrom-30-Costa del Sol-Levequest-Header.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Experience Seals
Expicon.png4,446 Flame Seal Icon.png207
Informationicon.png Description
We the Knights of the Barracuda are taking command of road upkeep and repair, for bitter experience has taught us what is overlooked in cobbles and struts may be paid in flesh and blood. Yet, to low beings such as the kobolds, this is but another opportunity for thievery. We petition adventurers of stout heart to stand guard over the supplies.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Report to eastern La Noscea.
Maelstrom Command, board of Engineers
The Maelstrom Flag.pngUnity.png
Issuing NPC: C'lafumyn
Eastern La Noscea - Bloodshore - Costa del Sol (33-30)
Classes: Disciples of MagicDisciples of War
Type: Grand Company
Guildleve: Unity
Duration: 20m
Location: Costa del Sol

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