Sea of Clouds - Sector 09

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Airship XP Icon.pngSea of Clouds - Sector 09
Airship Deployment Sector
Discovered via Sea of Clouds - Sector 08
Possible Rewards
Item Quantity
Balsa Wood Lumber Icon.png Balsa Wood Lumber 3-9
Platinum Ore Icon.png Platinum Ore
Raw Celestine Icon.png Raw Celestine 17-59
Quickarm Materia III Icon.png Quickarm Materia III 8-13
Strength Materia III Icon.png Strength Materia III 13-20
Lightning Crystal Icon.png Lightning Crystal 46-64
Wind Crystal Icon.png Wind Crystal 34-47
Toy Box Schema Icon.png Toy Box Schema 3
Required Rank: 24
Ceruleum Cost: 3
Difficulty: ★★★
EXP: 122,364