Skill Points

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Main Command 3 Icon.pngSkill Points  (SP)
Skill points are gained through performing various actions specific to your class and are used to increase the associated skills' Skill Rank.
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Depending on your class or skills, skill points are earned by either using actions from your class to defeat monsters, creating items, or gathering resources. Some skills might also be raised in other ways.

When you earn enough skill points, your Skill Rank increases. At certain ranks in each skill, you learn new abilities.

Skill Points to Gain a Rank

The number of Skill Points needed to gain a Skill Rank increases exponentially as the level increases. Below is (will be) a by-rank breakdown of skill points needed to rank up and the total skill points accumulated to that point.

Rank Skill Points Total
1 0 0
1~2 570 570
2~3 700 1,270
3~4 880 2,150
4~5 1,100 3,250
5~6 1,500 4,750
6~7 1,800 6,550
7~8 2,300 8,850
8~9 3,200 12,050
9~10 4,300 16,350
10~11 5,000 21,350
11~12 5,900 27,250
12~13 6,800 34,050
13~14 7,700 41,750
14~15 8,700 50,450
15~16 9,700 60,150
16~17 11,000 71,150
Rank Skill Points Total
17~18 12,000 83,150
18~19 13,000 93,150
19~20 15,000 111,150
20~21 16,000 127,150
21~22 20,000 147,150
22~23 22,000 169,150
23~24 23,000 192,150
24~25 25,000 217,150
25~26 27,000 244,150
26~27 29,000 273,150
27~28 31,000 304,150
28~29 33,000 337,150
29~30 35,000 372,150
30~31 38,000 410,150
31~32 45,000 455,150
32~33 47,000 502,150
33~34 50,000 552,150
Rank Skill Points Total
34~35 53,000 605,150
35~36 56,000 661,150
36~37 59,000 720,150
37~38 62,000 782,150
38~39 65,000 847,150
39~40 68,000 915,150
40~41 71,000 986,150
41~42 74,000 1,060,150
42~43 78,000 1,138,150
43~44 81,000 1,219,150
44~45 85,000 1,304,150
45~46 89,000 1,393,150
46~47 92,000 1,485,150
47~48 96,000 1,581,150
48~49 100,000 1,681,150
49~50 100,000 1,781,150
50~51 110,000 1,891,150

Ways of Earning Skill Points

Disciples of War & Magic

Skill points are earned when defeating monsters. Skill points awarded are based on the monster's strength relative to yours/your party's. If multiple party members are near each other in rank, each of these receive a bonus to the SP awarded based on the number of party members that are within 10 ranks below or 5 ranks above them (This is determined separately for each individual person). You may not receive skill points for defeating monsters far below your current class' rank.

Disciples of the Land

Disciples of the Land earn skill points by harvesting materials. You have a chance to recieve skill points whether or not you are successful; however, you earn a larger amount with successful attempts. These actions can also yield Physical Level EXP.

Disciples of the Hand

Disciples of the Hand earn skill points mainly by attempting synthesis. There is always a chance to earn skill points (and also Physical Level EXP) on a synthesis attempt whether or not it is successful, with successful attempts generating larger amounts.


When you gain a certain amount of skill points on a single class during a week, you can become fatigued. When this happens, some of the skill points you would have earned is converted to "surplus" skill points. This fatigue threshold recovers during any time you are not on that class or not logged into the game, and is reset once each week, regardless of how close to the threshold you are or how far past it. The four possible states of fatigue are listed below, from the strongest to weakest state. the Guardian's Favor effect will bump you up one state level Caution Icon.png from what it was before you recieved the effect.

Square Enix has indicated that any surplus skill points accumulated may be able to be used for something in the future, but they have not specified what.


This state occurs when you are in the normal state and receive the Guardian's Favor effect on a Guildleve. In this state, your current skill points total is colored green in the character info window (visible when the Main Menu is open) and the rate at which you receive skill-ups is increased.


The normal state, which most players will be in most of the time. Skill up rate is normal as is the amount of skill points received.


The first level of fatigue, attained when a certain threshold of skill points have been earned on the same class without rest. In this state, your current skill point total is colored orange. Approximately 10% of the total skill points earned in this state will be converted to surplus. Switching to another class or logging off the game will recover your fatigue and can return you to the Normal tier. When you pass the threshold to reach this state, you will recieve a message about your skill "bonus" increasing.

Severely Fatigued

The second level of fatigue, attained when you continue to accumulate skill points past the above threshold to a second, further threshold. At this point, the amount of skill points converted to surplus will gradually increase until 100% of your skill points are being converted to surplus. Switching to another class or logging off the game will recover your fatigue and can return you to the previous tier or decrease the amount of points converted to surplus. When you pass the threshold to reach this state, you will recieve a message about your skill "bonus" increasing.


This item was modified in the 2010/11/25 Patch. SP required for ranks 11 through 31 was reduced.