Sri Lakshmi

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NPC Icon.pngSri Lakshmi
  Monster / Primal / Female

Zone(s): The Fringes - Emanation
Title: Lady of Bliss

In the beginning, the nascent world was a storm of chaos. All who lived upon it were frenzied and wild, and brought only harm to each other in the struggle for survival. Filled with despair of this wretched sight, Sri Lakshmi, The Lady of Bliss, took up handfuls of clay and sculpted a figure in Her own image. Unto this figure She breathed life and will, and of Her gentle touch was born first of the Ananta. From Her beauty did emerge beauty; by Her providence was a command over earth imparted.
Amongst Lakshmi's blessings was a sliver of Her boundless Fertility, bestowing upon Her creations the gift of motherhood without need for a male counterpart. From this divine conception were born the children of abundant vitality graced by the unreserved compassion of the goddess, the daughter's qualifies were destined to diverge from the mother, and thus ensure splendid diversity from the tribe.

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