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{{ARR Infobox SubVoyage
{{Move|The Cobalt Shoals}}{{ARR Infobox SubVoyage
|Patch = 4.3
|Patch = 4.3
|Alias = K
|Alias = K

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Airship XP Icon.pngCobalt Shoals
Subaquatic Deployment Sector
Discovered via Neolith Island
Possible Rewards
Item Quantity
Water Shard Icon.png Water Shard 56-68
Water Cluster Icon.png Water Cluster 12-17
Deep-blue Crystal Icon.png Deep-blue Crystal 1-6
Unaspected Crystal Icon.png Unaspected Crystal 3-4
Empty Crystal Icon.png Empty Crystal 7-11
Dark Chestnut Branch Icon.png Dark Chestnut Branch 30-41
Birch Branch Icon.png Birch Branch 34-44
Bamboo Weave Icon.png Bamboo Weave 6-13
Raw Celestine Icon.png Raw Celestine 30-59
Craftsman's Command Materia III Icon.png Craftsman's Command Materia III 10-15
Craftsman's Command Materia IV Icon.png Craftsman's Command Materia IV 2-14
Craftsman's Cunning Materia III Icon.png Craftsman's Cunning Materia III 7-18
Craftsman's Cunning Materia IV Icon.png Craftsman's Cunning Materia IV 7
Sector: K
Required Rank: 20
Ceruleum Cost: 6
Difficulty: ★★
EXP: 146,210