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| HWTomestoneHigh = 20
| HWTomestoneHigh = 20
| Flag =  
| Flag =  
| Zone= The Fold
| Zone= The Fields of Glory (Zone)
| Duty = The Fields of Glory (Shatter)
| Duty = The Fields of Glory (Shatter)
| Type = PvP
| Type = PvP

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Pvpicon.pngThe Fields of Glory (Shatter)
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The Fields of Glory (Shatter).png
Under the influence of the lesser moon Dalamud, Nael van Darnus, legatus of the VIIth Legion, sought out and unearthed Allagan ruins in the eastern lowlands of Coerthas. Aided by the knowledge contained therein, he raised the very earth unto the heavens, and from this lofty perch did the White Raven nearly orchestrate the destruction of Eorzea.

The remnants of that mad plan still litter the frozen lowlands, as well as other ancient artifacts now laid bare. Though the powers that be are in agreement that Nael's data must be secured, they remain divided on the subject of how best to administer the region, which has prompted them to invoke the same laws which transformed Carteneau and Seal Rock into a battlefield. Where words fail, weapons speak.



Time Limit: 20m
3 to 9 parties of one to 8 players.
Undersized Parties Not Allowed
Class: Disciples of War or Magic
Level: 60
Average Item Level: 150
Item Level Sync: 150
  • While synced, all item stats are adjusted.
During PvP, materia bonuses are also ignored.
For Grand Company members
  • Only members of the same company may form parties.
Additional Loot Rules Unavailable
Minimum IL Unavailable

Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
0~24/72 0~24/72 0~24/72
Type: PvP
Zone: The Fields of Glory (Zone)
Region: [[]]
Minimum Level: 60
Synced iLevel: 150
Unlock Quest: Like Civilized Men and Women
Weather: Clear
Duty Roulette: Frontline
Expansion: Heavensward
Patch: Patch 3.3
PvP Rewards
Rank 1
Experience PvP EXP Wolf Marks
Expicon.png0 PvP EXP.png600 Wolf Mark Icon.png600
Rank 2
Expicon.png0 PvP EXP.png450 Wolf Mark Icon.png450
Rank 3
Expicon.png0 PvP EXP.png300 Wolf Mark Icon.png300