The Fold

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Zoneicon.pngThe Wolves' Den
The lobby area for PvP battles. You can get information and claim PvP rewards from NPCs stationed here.
Restrictions: Must be level 30 or higher to sign up for battles
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The Fold

The Wolve's Den is the home for simple last-man-standing PvP battles, which actually take place in The Floating Colosseum above the area.


Wolve's Den PvP battles are accessed through the Duty Finder.

The first step is to choose your format. Currently, Level 30, 40, and 50 battles are available, with Light Parties (4v4) currently available, and Full Parties (8v8) available in the future.

After queuing up for the desired mode (On the class you want to participate as) and joining the instance when it becomes available, you will be moved to the Floating Colosseum arena and placed on one of two teams: The Fangs (Red) and the Claws (blue).

Once inside the area, you will appear in a small cage and have 2 minutes to prepare, buff up, and strategize with your team (This also gives you time to recover if you changed classes prior to entry). After the 2 minutes have passed, the gates will open and the battle begins. The rules are simple: KO all players on the opposing team before they do the same. The battle ends as soon as all players on one team are KO'd at the same time, or the time limit expires.

Once the battle is over a winner will be declared and a battle summary scoreboard will be shown revealing the names of the participants, the world from which they hail, their kill score, damage dealt and healing done. If neither team defeats the other within 30 minutes, both teams will be declared losers.

Note: If you are unconscious when the battle ends, you will be deposited at your location before the battle in an unconscious state (You are not automatically revived).


Currently unknown. NPCs in the Wolves' Den lobby stand behind counters whom will likely offer rewards based on performance in the arena.